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this is a knitting blog!

so why don’t I actually write a post about what I’m working on? genius right?

as I was grabbing my knitting basket to take pictures I noticed a few things: I don’t have any socks on the needles(!), I’m using some form of plucky yarn in all my projects, and I’m using three different types of needles. Continue Reading

a little help

farmhouse yarns summer spun, charcoal
so remember my whole “I’m not buying yarn, need to clean out my stash blah blah blah”? I’ve been pretty good about it, just knitting from my stash and not randomly bringing yarn home….until now. I have to come clean. it started out innocently enough, going to the yarn store to simply pick up ONE thing I needed for a project (which I’ll blog about later). while I waited, I noticed their 50% off yarn corner. a corner people! can you blame me? I did hold myself back though since a lot of the yarn was novelty-like except for the yarn above. something about the contrast between the two different plies drew me to it. the yarn is a third silk, cotton, and lambswool and each four ounce hank has 350 yards. they only had two hanks in the charcoal left, so this is where you come in.

Continue Reading

a little treat

this weekend was way too short, so short in fact that I lounged around and didn’t do much yesterday! mostly because I was so tired from hanging out with leah (we didn’t want the fun to end! well that and I dragged the poor girl all over philly in the cold).

socktober...almost second pair

this is pretty much all the sock knitting I did between friday and monday, I was that close to getting another pair done for socktober. oh well, maybe I’ll work on it when Angela comes to hang out. unfortch, I think I already have to undo that meager progress because maybe I kinda, sorta, perhaps picked up the wrong needles. oops Continue Reading

a recap

I swear I had planned to post last week, I had even started writing!, but when a friend is heartbroken I rather hang out with them than to sit in front of a computer (though there’s always a ton of that). wouldn’t you?
so where were we? something with socks would be fitting…

heel comparison.jpg
before and after

joelene claims to have told me her short row trick a long time ago, but we have yet to find any concrete proof of this so I’m going to stick with my claim ‘no you didn’t!” claim. the top pics show the way I was doing my short rows before, with some teasing out of wraps and maybe some k3tog’s (tbl) and p3tog’s thrown in. umm, yeah, I still wasn’t getting them to match and I can still see some holes in it. the bottom pics show jo’s way which is so. much. better! on my hands and my soul. ahhh, no holes! Continue Reading