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the c word

I had to search my own blog to see when the last time I mentioned anything about crochet was.  I proclaimed to have “a new obsession” on july 15, 2011 to be exact.  I do love bold proclamations! so I may have been totally off then, but that was almost five years ago. I won’t make any wild claims this time, but this may be the year I finally have my dream crochet blanket. maybe even two!

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the sock mojo, she is back!

I feel like 2014 was the year of the sock for me. 2015 was mostly shawls and some sweaters. 2016 looked like it was going to be the same, but all of a sudden I want to cast on all the socks! maybe not buying yarn and actually ‘letting’ myself use the yarn in my stash actually works. I don’t want to sound like I don’t want to knit sweaters, because I want to knit every sweater out there it seems. but all the sweaters I want to cast on require decision making that I’m not quite ready for. socks, besides choosing a single skein from the stash, are pretty mindless.

warning! I go on and on about yarn and needles.

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drive by friday favorites

this one will be a quickie! I thought I’d share a couple of upgrades in my knitting life and some yarn I’ve been drooling over.

my poor royal winder started its death march so I started to look for what else was out there in the yarn winding world. I ended up getting one for christmas, but I didn’t like how wide it was and I found it a little fiddly to use. I ended up splurging and ordering a nancy’s knits knacks heavy duty ball winder. I don’t regret this purchase at all. yes, it’s expensive but I can tell this is the last ball winder I will have to buy. I love that I can wind giant hanks like cascade eco and it’s nothing to it.

since I got a new ball winder, I had to get a new swift that I could use on the same table. I always had an umbrella swift, but this time I went for a table swift so I wouldn’t have to worry about clamps. I wanted something that would last me the rest of my life when I found hornshaw wood works. I love its simplicity and beauty. I’ve been using it the last two months and, with the new ball winder, my yarn winding has become fun and pleasurable. oh, and super quiet! before, with my royal winder and plastic Japanese swift, the whole neighborhood knew when I was winding yarn. : /

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skeino miss grace shawl

I’ve found that lately I don’t want to make decisions.

ok, out of context that sounds a little crazy or like I’ve given up on life. I just mean that I rather have google play pick a playlist out for me when I want to listen to music, nevermind the giant music library I’ve amassed. Netflix annoys me because I just want to watch something, not go through every genre to pick something. that’s probably why I watch so much hgtv when I can, it’s just easy and who doesn’t love a good property brothers marathon? with knitting, I’ve found myself looking at kits. it’s kind of nice to have someone do all the heavy lifting for you: here’s a pattern, here are a few coordinating skeins, go knit! this is especially true when you’re like me and love casting on every other stripey shawl you see.

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