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friday favorites (one of those weeks edition)

any week that includes downed trees in your yard needs to end right away. so I’m just looking forward to staying in and knitting. maybe with an adult beverage or two. I have one more sleeve to knit on my put the kettle on cardigan and I have two different socks on the needles, so let’s see what else I can get into trouble with.

I thought this week’s theme was going to be simple and relaxing, but it jumped into cable world pretty quickly. I think that’s still relaxing though.

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riptide back

friday favorites

if you actually made it all the way through yesterday’s video, thank you! I guess I can go on and on about my projects and chicken wings apparently. the poor black cardigan did get a little more attention since and I finally joined the fronts to the back. I’m already two inches into the body and I’m definitely not going to make it in time for this artic blast we’re having this weekend. but sitting by the fire with a drink and some bulky yarn in hand isn’t so bad either.

in the video (I have this mental block on calling it a podcast) I wonder why no one knits brioche blankets. and what pops up today but a BRIOCHE BLANKET!!  Continue Reading


friday favorites

sometimes I wish that the knitting community followed a release schedule like the music or movie industries. let’s pick one day of the week where all of that week’s patterns are released. but if I’m being honest, I’m totally full of it, because I love looking through new designs every day. there are just so many! can we slow down a bit?

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current obsessions

I’ve noticed that with my stashing or knitting I tend to binge in certain things. I may stash a ton of yarn all in the same color without realizing it until I upload photos into rav. or I’ll want to knit the same shawl shape or sweater silhouette over and over again. right now my current personal trend seems to be stripes in fingering weight yarn. Continue Reading