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deja vu

things may seem a little too familiar, but I promise that I didn’t mess with the colors to fake out a new fo. hell, the computer I’m on right now doesn’t even have ps installed! (computer problems have been haunting me for the last week or two, hence the silence)


pattern:dragon skin stitch
yarn: woolarina handpaints sock (old yarn base)
needles: 2.5 mm circs (knit picks)
date started: ?
date finished: 10/24/06 Continue Reading

first socks revisited

I love schedules and organization, so I can’t tell you how happy I am that lolly is taking care of socktoberfest. I mean, she got me to post twice in a month, that’s a feat right? (nevermind this is the second time I write this post…stupid computer)

When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class?
I actually started about a year ago, right before the first socktoberfest. Jen, my sp that summer, had sent me a skein of claudia handpainted and I figured, hey, what the hell! I just picked a pattern online and asked questions on the blog when I was lost. (thanks by the way!)

What was your first pair? How have they “held up” over time?
my first pair were from spun’s summer collection (btw, what happened to spun mag?). I figured with one skein that anklets would be the perfect thing and let’s not forget fast.

the first!
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a recap

I swear I had planned to post last week, I had even started writing!, but when a friend is heartbroken I rather hang out with them than to sit in front of a computer (though there’s always a ton of that). wouldn’t you?
so where were we? something with socks would be fitting…

heel comparison.jpg
before and after

joelene claims to have told me her short row trick a long time ago, but we have yet to find any concrete proof of this so I’m going to stick with my claim ‘no you didn’t!” claim. the top pics show the way I was doing my short rows before, with some teasing out of wraps and maybe some k3tog’s (tbl) and p3tog’s thrown in. umm, yeah, I still wasn’t getting them to match and I can still see some holes in it. the bottom pics show jo’s way which is so. much. better! on my hands and my soul. ahhh, no holes! Continue Reading

I missed you too!!

I didn’t realize I was gone so long, but the emails I’ve been getting state otherwise. uhhh, sorry for being out of touch. things have just been…busy!! you know it’s a bad sign when you have to look at a calendar to figure out when you finished a pair of socks.


 the knee-highs, they are finished!

pattern: toe-up knee highs following D’s suggestions a la magic loop
yarn: one WHOLE hank of yarn pirate in hannah (also etsy shop)
needles: 2 mm knit picks classic circs
date started: 8.05.06
date finished: 8.19.06 (uhh I think, can’t remember)

ok, so I still haven’t resolved the shoes/skirt situation, but at least I have some kick ass socks! even though it hasn’t been cold yet I have worn these around the house on a few occassions. perhaps there was some a/c sabotage involved, but I’ll never tell.

the pattern: these fit perfectly, one of the pluses of toe up knitting. I kept trying it on as I went and found I needed a few more increase rounds than in Diana’s ‘recipe’.
the needles: umm, this is by second time knitting with knit picks needles but the first with this size. verdict – still kinda suck. this time there was a weird burr or scratch on one of the needles the yarn kept catching on. after a while it mysteriously stopped happening though I could still feel it. who knows. who cares. I’m over it.

the yarn: sure, I’m a little biased, but I wouldn’t be if I didn’t really love this yarn. it has three things I like in a yarn: it’s skinny, tight and soft. (umm that sounds really weird) oh, and a fourth thing, great colors. I keep starring at the different shades and how some parts of the sock look wet. I’m interested in seeing how the yarn wears after actually wearing them with shoes and a few washings. I’ll make sure to report back.

it’s so sad, that’s all I have after a month. sure, there are other socks on the needles, but do you want to see more socks? I am working on a sweater so I’ll try to show that soon ie. when it doesn’t look like a blob. I’ve also been collecting more sock yarns.

ready to getaway! yarntini in luxury and pink is the new yarn and sknitches in zoot suit. suitcase via bugheart
hello. I’m an addict. and I obviously have a few more knee highs in my future. oh and I have more coming my way from Kirsty’s new venture. I’ve been drooling over her yarns for a while and was secretly hoping she would start selling some of them. of course I had to pounce once she did.

I promise not to be so absent! I already have a few blog posts planned for this week…so stay tuned!