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the sock mojo, she is back!

I feel like 2014 was the year of the sock for me. 2015 was mostly shawls and some sweaters. 2016 looked like it was going to be the same, but all of a sudden I want to cast on all the socks! maybe not buying yarn and actually ‘letting’ myself use the yarn in my stash actually works. I don’t want to sound like I don’t want to knit sweaters, because I want to knit every sweater out there it seems. but all the sweaters I want to cast on require decision making that I’m not quite ready for. socks, besides choosing a single skein from the stash, are pretty mindless.

warning! I go on and on about yarn and needles.

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current obsessions

I’ve noticed that with my stashing or knitting I tend to binge in certain things. I may stash a ton of yarn all in the same color without realizing it until I upload photos into rav. or I’ll want to knit the same shawl shape or sweater silhouette over and over again. right now my current personal trend seems to be stripes in fingering weight yarn. Continue Reading

cleaning up some wip’s

I finally stopped baking enough to show you some long finished wip’s. some of these have been done for a while, but I just never bothered or didn’t have time to take a picture. since I don’t really remember when I started or finished these, no dates will be given as usual (I will not prove that I’m a slacker).

how long does it actually take to knit some socks?

60 st picot cuff socks
my own hand dyed (purples, pinks, greys = punk) merino/nylon
2.5mm needles for magic loop

I started these back in october and then quickly ignored them once I got to the second sock. I think I either started the second ones with the wrong needles or my sock mojo was just gone. the pile of unfinished stuff got to me though and once I finally met one of the last deadlines I “treated” myself by jumping in.
not much to say about these other than I’m pretty happy with how the colors knitted up and how the heel and toes fit (short row heel and round toe a la lucy neatby). Continue Reading

a little treat

this weekend was way too short, so short in fact that I lounged around and didn’t do much yesterday! mostly because I was so tired from hanging out with leah (we didn’t want the fun to end! well that and I dragged the poor girl all over philly in the cold).

socktober...almost second pair

this is pretty much all the sock knitting I did between friday and monday, I was that close to getting another pair done for socktober. oh well, maybe I’ll work on it when Angela comes to hang out. unfortch, I think I already have to undo that meager progress because maybe I kinda, sorta, perhaps picked up the wrong needles. oops Continue Reading