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red freckles

sometimes I get the bright idea of making a new dress or shawl, sometimes both, right before a wedding. doesn’t matter how long ahead of time I know about the wedding, I usually don’t end up starting until I only have a few days to work. nevermind I had to print out almost 70 pages of a pdf sewing pattern (am I the only one that hates these and will never buy one again?). I honestly thought I had a few hours of sewing to do, so it would be no big deal, and then I would have a week to knit a simple shawl. let’s just say the shawl never got to make its debut. it would have matched the dress fabric (it’s a plus voile from cloud9) so perfectly. at least I get to show it to you now. Continue Reading

the 2000 mile shawl

sometimes I’m very cocky about my knitting speed. I’ll think a car ride is enough time to finish half a sweater, a pair of socks, or, in this case, a whole shawl. nevermind how long the car ride actually is, I’ll always pack multiple projects for fear of running out of knitting.

two weeks ago we did a little road trip I dubbed #bourbontostitches. we drove to kentucky, stayed there a few days to hit up some distilleries, and ended the week in nashville to hit up stitches south, meet up with amanda, and get some good food. so of course I packed a brand new shawl project, a sweater in the works, and some socks with extra yarn in case I needed to start a new pair. do I need to say where this is going?  Continue Reading



can you indulge me a bit today? I’m going to go on and on about yarn in this post and may not even get to a point. at least you’ll have pretty pictures to look at. with that warning….

lately I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about woolen spun yarns and some leans to the negative. it seems that as soon as one person deems something “rustic” (more on that later) then people immediately think it is scratchy and not for them. this is so sad to me since to me woolen spun yarns are what I think of when I think of wool. the slick worsted spun yarns have their place, but do you really want every single project you knit or crochet to be exactly the same? Continue Reading


amanda's ishbel

I know I said I wouldn’t start any new projects until I cleared my old ones out. but I also did mention there were a couple of exceptions. and, really, ishbel knits up so fast that it hardly counts as a rule breaker.

pattern: ishbel
yarn: colinette jitterbug, fruit coulis, 1 hank and a smidgen
needles: 4mm
date started: 12.10.09
date finished: 12.21.09

this ishbel isn’t for me, but for my lovely friend amanda, she asked if someone would knit her an ishbel in exchange for a mini quilt. I jumped at the chance, I love amanda’s quilts (and every other project she makes)! just check out her flickr stream. Continue Reading