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a forced break

or more like I’m so badass when I sew that I break machines. actually, it’s more like I tried to use a poorly wound bobbin because I was lazy and my bobbin case decided to pop out and break. I like the idea that I’m too much of a sewer for my machine so let’s go with that one.
while I wait for a new bobbin case I thought I showed you something from two months ago, because I like to keep my blog timely like that!

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a bit of a journey

have you ever been on a journey that makes no sense? I’m talking about the crafting kind. actually, I should say the crafting gifts kind.
I first started with a quilt:

stars on back
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the three day quilt

miscellany patchwork quilt

sorry for the silence, but I think I needed a little recovery time after this last project. then I couldn’t share it until the fabric officially debuted at quilt market this weekend. I finally get to show you a quick (and I really mean quick), fun quilt that was seriously a last minute project. Continue Reading