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fall reboot

with fall (officially) only a day away and constantly giving us hints of its arrival the last few days I’ve been getting the urge to get back to my crafting. I’ve been kind of here and there with it the last month or so. you can say that about my life in general. I went away on a couple of trips, took care of dobby for a few weeks after some surgery (he’s doing better than ever now!), and have basically ignored all the cut fabric and skeins of yarns thrown around the apartment.

let’s face it though, it’s going to be cold soon and I need some new sweaters and scarves. my closet is looking pretty empty so I would like some shirts and maybe some pretty dresses. dobby isn’t magically making me things at night, a la cinderella (or almost any other disney movie), so I better get to it. luckily I have a head start thanks to a lovely friend.

purl beret
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just a little late

sorry for the radio silence, I could come up with a bunch of excuses but I simply lost my knitting mojo for awhile and felt I had nothing to share with you. don’t worry though, I’ll definitely show you the project that killed me a little bit inside sometime this week. in the meantime, how about a sweet little pot on my last official 08 knit (I said it was late)?

square hat

yarn: romney ridge yarns, barely half a skein each color for stripes. 2 skeins laines du nord cashsilk for lining
needles: 4mm 16″ circs
date started: 12.08
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sweater pile

it’s been freaking cold for the last couple of weeks and I need sweaters stat! I forced myself to just sit down and finish all my lingering wip’s before starting something new. it was just getting sad finding sweater pieces all over the place. I’m hoping I can finally blog these before the month is up, but it’s not only been cold but also grey almost every day so photos have been hard to take. I’m not sure why I let sweaters pile up like this. I say I hate finishing, but once I’m actually doing it I don’t mind it and it seems to speed along. maybe I just like the act of knitting itself that much that I just don’t want to stop. or maybe it’s the allure of a new project that keeps me casting on. stopping myself these last two weeks has really helped me figure out what I really want to knit next. Continue Reading

leap day

stella artsy.jpg

I couldn’t resist posting today, especially since I didn’t want to wait another four years at the chance of a 2/29 post. unfortunately, my knitting mojo has left the room and I haven’t really touched 28thirty till earlier today. I’ve been busy doing and worrying about other things to care about the big, gaping hole I have at the sleeve or that I’m this close to being done with the body. so really, all I have for you today are some random knits I’ve finished in the last few months that I just never bothered to blog. the unbloggables if you wish. really this is going to turn out to be the post you get sick of the top of my head.
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