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things I’m loving

every week I hear the weed-wacking and lawnmower sounds of the landscaping guys around eight in the morning on thursdays. I heard them this morning as usual. today is wednesday. it took a little while for the confusion to clear and the disappointment to set in. I really wanted it to be thursday just so tomorrow could be friday. sad isn’t it? so I thought I’d cheer myself up with a random post of things I’m loving right now.

block number...who remembers
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I should be working on my green quilt. sewing the rows, deciding on borders (I’m leaning towards nay) and piecing the back are all in order. but fabric is an evil temptress and I already have my eyes set on my next quilt.

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it’s a process

stef happened to be in philly on my birthday weekend a couple of months ago, so of course we got together for a couple of dinners.

yummy gift from stef (glampyre)

she put together a little gift for me, enabling my new obsession!

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falling down the rabbit hole

complete haul

it started simple enough. just chatting with a friend about fabrics and sewing.then it turned into a little obsession between us.


I kept dreaming about fabrics and quilts. nevermind that I’ve never made a quilt and haven’t sewn in years. nevermind that I didn’t even have a sewing machine in my possesion. I needed to quilt.


constantly being teased on flickr didn’t help matters.

cutting and planning

of course all I’ve been doing this week has been looking at fabrics online, ordering fabrics online, buying fabric locally, and asking for a sewing machine as a present. answering emails? yeah umm no.
I found a pattern that I figured would be easy enough to practice and small enough for instant gratification. we’ll see about that!

baktus in progress

there’s still knitting around here though! I started a baktus scarf this week after so many enablers commented about it on a previous post. koigu + garter stitch = heaven.