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pure knits tease
things have been quiet and stressful around here since this little package was dropped off at my door last week. I’ve had to go through and make corrections to every pattern. can we all cross our fingers so they make it into the book this time? the scary part is I don’t even understand how half the errors I found were introduced into the manuscript in the first place. at least the release date has been pushed back to next fall, so lark has given us enough time to check for everything.

with my nose in this book and working on some side knitting all my sweater knitting has been put on hold. of course this makes my fingers itch for more projects. to satisfy some of my cravings I ordered a copy of Boutique Knits, which totally made it worse.

boutique knits book cover.jpg
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is it real?

pure knits cover sm.jpg

I feel that I worked on this book forever ago. it’s been so long in fact, that I basically forgot about it! ok, not completely. but still, we finally have a cover. I just hope I get a proof to edit soon. yikes!



I didn’t expect this small break from blogging, but being sick, leisurely working on my knitting, going to boston for a week and then going to see the in-laws all colluded in keeping me away. the most annoying thing though (’s a little more than annoying), the thing that always makes me go quiet, is when I find someone using one of my images without permission. there’s always the uncomfortable email, “hi, that picture you’re using…yeah umm I own the copyright NOT you!”. if it wasn’t captured by your camera’s sensor or film, then it isn’t yours. it’s that easy. I don’t care what you think google images is for. phew, I’ve been holding that in for a while so let’s move on.

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