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Second go around

I knit a lot when I’m stressed out, and looking through this blog I must be really stressed. Notice something in the picture? It’s another FO! I got it done so fast that I didn’t even get to list it before. That’s the old Spiderweb Capelet from S’nB Nation, I’ll spare you the details because this is the second one I knit up. I started it and finished it up today, all that’s left to do is block it and lace some ribbon through it.
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Wow, you get two posts and one and a half FO’s in one day! Aren’t you lucky, are you sick of me yet? Actually, I have two reasons for this post. One is the lovely scarf you see and the other is that I’m trying out this “blogger for word” app I downloaded a few days ago. So far I don’t get what the advantage is other than you don’t have to go online and I guess you get to use a real spell checker. I don’t get how you add a picture to your post though.

A quick project run down:
Pattern: “klee scarf” 4×4 rib
Needles: US 6 (4mm) straights
Yarn: “Estelle” by A.L. de Sauveterre in Coco (1 skein)
Date Started: dont remember
Date Finished: 8.29.05

Love the color, love the yarn, I would run to get some more before the prices go up (cashmere prices are going up later this year). I think this yarn would make a gorgeous Clapotis, not the cheapest option but certainly luxurious (and isn’t that what knitting is all about?).

Oh, there will be some more of my stash on sale by tonight. If you are interested in some Colinnette Point 5, then guess what’s on sale. Sorry if this post seems rushed, but the boy got home and is hurrying me to get to the gym!

Still on the fritz

I woke up hoping that I would feel better today, but it’s the exact opposite. My throat feels tighter, I feel like that annoying kid from the medicine commercial…”it hurts when I swallow”. The Chicken Pho I made last night was a big hit and we both felt better after eating it. For five minutes at least. We have a lot of left overs so tonight shall be another Pho night. Continue Reading

Patco Loop

Paris Loop
Yarn: Gedifra Cicco in black (4 skeins)
Needles: US 17 16″, US 13 16″, US 9 24″ Addis
Date Started: 7.18.05
Date Finished: 8.10.05

First off, let me apologize for the crappy picture. It’s too dark and pixelated. I’ll try to remedy that tomorrow while the sun is out.

This was a pretty straightforward knit, done while watching tv or riding the patco train to center city. There’s not much to say here, other than I can’t believe I knitted a poncho. Who knew I would really like it? Well, I do. There I admit it! The yarn is nice and soft and very stretchy. The piece is very light, so it’s not one of those heavy, get-in-your-way ponchos. I’m happy, you should be too. : )