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color craving

for 12 years I swore up and down that I wasn’t interested in colorwork and that I wouldn’t enjoy knitting or wearing it. I’m finally ready to admit that I couldn’t  have been more wrong.

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this is a knitting blog!

so why don’t I actually write a post about what I’m working on? genius right?

as I was grabbing my knitting basket to take pictures I noticed a few things: I don’t have any socks on the needles(!), I’m using some form of plucky yarn in all my projects, and I’m using three different types of needles. Continue Reading


adventures in tidying up

I started the year, not with resolutions, but with a couple of goals and intentions. one was to not buy any more yarn until I knit a bit of my stash down (vague, I know) and the other was a general “get rid of stuff” around the house. I don’t know how impressed I should be with myself since it’s only february, but so far I’ve been pretty good about the knitting and no yarn buying. two am sock yarn buying doesn’t count thank goodness! the rest of the house has been a mixed bag. I’ve somehow made more of a mess and I still have the exact same amount of stuff. Continue Reading

Quick fix

Pattern: Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers SNBN
Yarn: Diakeito Diamusee in #40 (1 skein)
Needles: US 7 DPN’s
Date Started: 8.31.o5
Date Finished: 8.02.05

Though yesterday was the official kickoff for the River Stole, I really didn’t want to start it until I finished these babies up. These were pretty easy and quick to knit up and it only took one skein (since I didn’t care if they matched up or not). I only wish that book publishers weren’t so cheap when it comes to printing charts. Would it have been that hard to also print up the left armwarmer one? I really like the Diakeito, it’s really soft and the colors stripe in a nice, soft way. Continue Reading