picnic quilt

July 27, 2011

juicy picnic quilt

juicy picnic quilt

from the moment I picked out the fabrics, I knew this was going to be one of my favorite quilts ever. the construction is simple, but those colors just kill me. this is actually a redo of my miscellany quilt as requested by tom.

juicy picnic quilt

I wanted something that was bright and fun, something appropriate for a summer picnic. innocent crush and habitat always looked like they belonged together to me so I started there, adding some greenfield hill (which is way underrated if you ask me) and a print from magnolia lane. I couldn't be happier with this mix of prints and colors.

juicy picnic quilt

I have this really bad habit of hoarding fabrics because I like them too much to use. I know this makes no sense, but it's what I do! I'm really trying to break away from this and this quilt was the first step. I can say that it felt great to actually cut and sew into this fabric and I survived.

juicy picnic quilt

with no looming deadline, I took my time sewing each block in bits and pieces. I also made the quilt a bit bigger this time, 75" square vs 60", figuring this was a good lounging in the park size for a couple of humans and a boston terrier.

juicy picnic quilt back

to be honest, thinking of actually using this quilt on a picnic gives me a bit of an anxiety attack. just watching tom hold the quilt outside for me put me on edge, I didn't want it to get dirty! I just have to remember what I made it for and that soap and water exists. to help me along, I used kona in black for the backing to hide any dirt. I also used a bright blue thread in the bobbin as an ode to the original quilt and its bright blue binding.

size: 75x75"
top: innocent crush (loves me loves me not, bubble burst), habitat (raise the roof, city planting), greenfield hill (the ramble, griswold plaid, coterie, diamond chevron) magnolia lane (textured plaid)
back: kona black
binding: kona aqua
batting: cotton bamboo blend
thread: aurifil 2600 (top), 1125 (back), 2805 (binding)

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