December 24, 2009


amanda's ishbel

I know I said I wouldn't start any new projects until I cleared my old ones out. but I also did mention there were a couple of exceptions. and, really, ishbel knits up so fast that it hardly counts as a rule breaker.

pattern: ishbel
yarn: colinette jitterbug, fruit coulis, 1 hank and a smidgen
needles: 4mm
date started: 12.10.09
date finished: 12.21.09

this ishbel isn't for me, but for my lovely friend amanda, she asked if someone would knit her an ishbel in exchange for a mini quilt. I jumped at the chance, I love amanda's quilts (and every other project she makes)! just check out her flickr stream.

amanda's ishbel

it actually would have been done sooner, but I ran out of yarn eight rows before the binding off. luckily I have friends in high places that were able to send me another hank that eerily matched. the funny thing is illanna is the one who originally got me the first skein of jitterbug a couple of years ago. so this officially makes her my jitterbug-go-to-person.

amanda's ishbel

I got amanda to choose a yarn from my stash and she went with this pink and purple mix. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this yarn, but I pretty much fell in love with jitterbug and its plump stitches. I knit the small version, but it came out a little bigger than I intended it to. I hope amanda still loves it, I think it's a nice wrap around size.

now I need to figure out what to knit with the three ounces I have left of it!

February 20, 2009

now this I love

ishbel scarf

pattern: Ishbel by ysolda, scarf size
yarn: yarntini sock in merlot
needles: addi turbos 4mm
date started: 02.15.09
date finished: 02.17.09

ishbel scarf
this image is the true color

after finishing the as-yet-to-be-blogged dreaded project, I needed a little pick me up in my knitting life. chatting it up with joelene led me to totally copy her and cast on for ishbel. I immediately thought of some yarntini I've had in the stash for a couple of years now but could never find the right pattern for. I'm a little too protective with my yarntini stash I guess, but with a color like this wouldn't you be too?

this little scarf just flew off the needles and now it has me jonesing for some more shawl/scarves. I think I finally found the perfect scarf pattern for me: it isn't a huge shawl so the end is always in sight, it isn't one long rectangle that just goes on and on, and it's so light that it's almost season-less. oh, and the best part, no bulk under your coat. just throw it nonchalantly over your shoulders and you're ready to go.

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