improv quilt

March 1, 2011

hello march!

I didn't expect this winter to affect me like it did, but obviously I've been away from my little space here and just been a homebody for the last couple of months (this is putting it mildly). I've been finally feeling like myself the last few days, the bit of sunshine and warmth have been welcomed guests. I have been sewing during my little break though, so I figured I would start back up in march sharing my latest gift.

improv quilt

as soon as I found out one of my friends was expecting, I immediately starting thinking about what to make. I kept debating between baby shoes, bibs, onesies, and quilts, though a quilt was always the forerunner. I started last week, picking through my blue and green fabrics and linen scraps with not much of a plan. I wanted something playful, but not childish which somehow led me to an improv quilt. I originally started it as a house top, but then decided to cut up the log cabin blocks and mix them up. then I had fun mixing different neutrals for the sashing and borders.

imrpov quilt back

for the back I mixed up the leftovers from the front, with a soft linen and some cotton bamboo muslin. again, just having some fun and using up every bit of fabric I had left. I have to say I love the fish and the bit of red.

nice and wrinkled

actually, I'm in love with the whole quilt. this is probably my most favorite quilt so far and I'm going to be sad to see it go. but knowing it will be keeping my friend's baby boy warm makes it worth it. working on it was so much fun, and just what I needed, and every one of those little stitches was made with love.

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