girly quilt

May 3, 2011

a very girly quilt

girly quilt

this poor quilt should have been done sooner, but the original thread I bought just wasn't working tension-wise. so I had to wait for an order of, my favorite, aurifil to get here so I could get started again. I'm so in love with how it turned out that it kind of hurts to give away. I even checked the baby registry to order a gift, but I just couldn't do that. so pink quilt it is. I'll have to make one for myself another time.

crinkly goodness

I decided to do a sort of meandering squares in squares quilting to echo the blocks. I love how it came out so crinkly after washing. it was fun to use some variegated thread, sometimes the stitching disappears and other times it just pops. I also used some dream cotton batting, which was new to me. it quilted like butter and the quilt feels so light and soft. this is definitely a new favorite!

girly quilt back

I kept things simple, but still pink, for the back. I just happened to have a yard of some pink gee's bend solid that I had no idea what I was going to use for. perfect! (note to self: make a solid quilt like this for yourself)

stripey binding

I think my favorite part is the binding. I found this striped fabric at my lqs and had to have it. it reminds me of lifesavers or starburst, some sort of candy for sure. add to that the barber pole effect the bias creates and my heart may just go pitter-patter. yeah, definitely need to make something like this again.

size: 36x48
top: baby talk, art gallery living elements, happy camper too, perch, kona yarrow, bone, cocoa, (other prints that I do not know)
back: kona scraps and gee's bend solids in pink
binding: sweetlife sunkissed multi skinny lines stripes
batting: quilter's dream cotton request
thread: aurifil v3660, 2410

April 25, 2011

long weekends

the reason I got this fabric

are the best when you can include some simple sewing.

girly quilt

that quickly turns into a, very girly, quilt top.

ready to quilt and bind!

I picked up some thread and fabric today for quilting and binding. I can't wait to see it all come together.

the quilt this morning

they should also include some hand quilting I think. not pictured above, the dog that is constantly laying on top of the quilt as I try to stitch. it's cute until I have to move the quilt.

what they shouldn't include? migraines. I wanted to post some links on friday but never got the chance to because of headaches. so here's some monday link love instead:

  • have you checked out stef's new online class?! it's an intro to knitting, from casting on to binding off and everything in between (knit, purl, lace, reading patterns, blocking, and even knitting with alternate materials) watching it made me miss knitting and hanging out with stef (she's pretty much like that in real life, I promise). hopefully my arm will feel better soon and I can pick up the sticks again. I think the link gives you a 50% discount on the class (am I right here stef?)!
  • I really, really, really can't wait for melody miller's next line! that dragonfly kills me
  • I am so in love with maritza's single girl quilt. I can't believe she made it up herself. actually, yes I can.
  • I don't know if it's just because I love new gadgets so much or because I hate patterns with no seam allowances with a passion, but I really want to order one of these seam allowance guides. it looks like you just add it to your scissors and go.

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