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midmod bee

catching up with bees

last week I decided it was high time to get caught up in the bees I’m in. that pile of envelopes was getting scary. I’m also in the puzzle phase of the baby quilt I’m working on and need a little break.

curvy squares
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cheating, but just a little

on pollen8 that is. it seems that we are on a little break, so I didn’t feel too bad joining the mid mod quilt bee recently. I’m taking over for someone and decided to catch up on some of their blocks for them. I have to admit that it was pretty fun getting a big package full of different block fabric, maybe bees should send their fabric all at once and you get to pick and choose what order to do them in instead of waiting every month for fabric. I’ve been randomly choosing which ones to work on and somehow the first two were improv blocks.

squares and rectangles
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