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friday favorites

sometimes I wish that the knitting community followed a release schedule like the music or movie industries. let’s pick one day of the week where all of that week’s patterns are released. but if I’m being honest, I’m totally full of it, because I love looking through new designs every day. there are just so many! can we slow down a bit?

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skeino miss grace shawl

I’ve found that lately I don’t want to make decisions.

ok, out of context that sounds a little crazy or like I’ve given up on life. I just mean that I rather have google play pick a playlist out for me when I want to listen to music, nevermind the giant music library I’ve amassed. Netflix annoys me because I just want to watch something, not go through every genre to pick something. that’s probably why I watch so much hgtv when I can, it’s just easy and who doesn’t love a good property brothers marathon? with knitting, I’ve found myself looking at kits. it’s kind of nice to have someone do all the heavy lifting for you: here’s a pattern, here are a few coordinating skeins, go knit! this is especially true when you’re like me and love casting on every other stripey shawl you see.

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mountain meadow wool powell wyoming series blend

mountain meadow wool powell

I think my christmas gift theme this year is going to be hats in new to me yarns. we’ll see how far I make it since this is only my second one and Tom already claimed it as his. I can’t blame him, I was tempted to keep it for myself once I finished and tried it on.

this time the yarn is a new base from mountain meadow wool named powell*. it is a 4 ply worsted weight blend of rambouillet and alpaca. one of the things I love about this company, besides it being woman owned, is that each label tells you where the fiber comes from. in this case the merino is from the camino’s kid ranch in Johnson County, Wyoming. (the mill itself is in Buffalo, Wyoming) I first heard about mountain meadow wool from sarah’s fibertrek podcast and more recently from ashley’s woolful podcast. I even noticed their name in the madelinetosh website under the american ranch wool category (btw I’m so tempted to order some of that cosmic silver) and it looks like they are working with a few more companies.  I encourage you to listen to both podcasts where you’ll hear about how the company began and how they are creating and managing a sustainable mill. Continue Reading

how to weave in ends as you knit – continental style

this has really become the summer of stripes for me, be them on shawls or sweaters, which means I have a million ends to weave in. I’ve been asked how to weave in ends as you go when you knit continentally, I guess most videos show you how to do it holding yarn on each hand? I find it more efficient to hold both yarns in my left hand and I think my tension is better this way. this is also how I hold my yarn when I knit colorwork. it takes a while to get the hang of it, but once you do your knitting goes so much faster.

instead of explaining it with a bunch of pictures I thought I’d share a quick video. I say “quick” but it took me so many tries to get the focus in the right spot. I also had to do a bit of a voiceover, so I apologize now for my high pitched voice! I’m congested so it’s even higher than usual!

I hope I answered the question and you find this helpful. and if there are any other questions you’d like to ask let me know in the comments here.