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catching up

while I haven’t had that much time to knit for myself in the last few months, I did manage to get a few things done during any down time. my goal was to get everything out of my knitting basket by either finally finishing it or frogging it. thankfully, my basket wasn’t too full.

the first to go was my lone jaywalker. for some reason I never bothered to knit the second sock, making the first one kinda of pointless. I knew I still wanted something more than just plain stockinette for the yarntini, so I repurposed the yarn into a zig zag scarf from scarf style. now I get to enjoy that merino goodness around my neck. I love the end result, but while knitting I remembered how much I hate knitting scarves!!! (how much? about three exclamations worth) Continue Reading

new socks….give-away


going down to the shore when it’s chilly and grey is quite conducive to knitting. between hanging out, eating some great food, and walking the boards I finished the two socks I started. a mis-matched pair, but it’s still a pair! both socks fit great, so much so that I’m still wearing them right now.


the jays were knit toe-up on 2mm needles with a turkish cast on and a short row heel. I’ll admit that I wish I had knit the heel flap from the pattern, I remember how comfortable it was, but this way did the trick and it was pretty speedy. with the madder ribbed sock, I went with 2.25 mm needles and shorted the toes in the pattern by started it later and removing a lot of the knit-even rows. I like how they are a lot less pointy than in the pattern. I would say that now I’ll start the second socks, but I know I’d just be lying, especially when I got this in the mail today:


some sock candy in kiwi. I had a mini swap with renata, who had read me wondering of this yarn’s existence. apparently her lys carries it and she was cool enough to pick up two skeins for me (along with some str heavyweight) so I can finally try it out. unfortch, the good people of blue moon fail to tell me what the gauge is. fun times swatching are up ahead for me. I’ll try to give some first impressions tomorrow, so far…it’s squishy.
monday give–away in the extended entry.

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perfect combination


I had a lot of knitting time on monday (unfortunately) and I had these cheery colors to keep my spirits up. blood tests, ct scans, waiting rooms? sure! take your time, I have a heel to turn! this yarn, with grumperina’s pattern, was the perfect antidote (get it?! that’s me being witty right there) to some stress*. the colors perk me right up and I couldn’t be happier with the striping, 1-2-1-3 rather than 1-2-3. genius. Continue Reading


why didn’t anyone tell me I woulnd’t get a chance to knit this weekend? I obviously had no idea that someone else’s wedding could take so much of my time. I worked on the sunrise circle jacket a bit on the drive up and down, but it pretty much looks the same…not new picture worthy I’m afraid. I did get to work on my pink cashmere sock on the train from long island to manhattan*, but again….not new picture worthy. so let’s move on to a random post:
I can tell you that the whole weekend was filled with me wishing I had knitted a shawl, a blanket, something. on the drive up the weather was around 80 degrees, but once we got out of the car the sun was fading and eventually the temps dropped to about 45 degrees with rain the whole weekend. no one had packed for this. all I had was my wimpy river stole, who’s sole purpose was to shed all over my black dress and to start looking like a drowned rat in the rain. can someone remind me to knit a few wraps this summer, that aren’t gifts?! Continue Reading