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wild circles

sorry for the silence the past week, but I got sick last weekend and didn’t do much of anything most of the week. then it was time to go visit family for the weekend. I did manage to slowly, and I mean slowly, bind my green circles quilt.

bound and washed!
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a little help

binding options

while I go find some more batting and decide how I want to quilt the circle quilt, can you decide which fabric I should use for the binding? thanks Continue Reading


I wish I had some exciting excuse for being offline for so long, but really I have nothing. literally. 2010 has not been a very crafty year for me so far. between my arm hurting too much to knit and regular life stuff getting in the way, there just hasn’t been much time. I was feeling a little down about this, especially with all my yarn mocking me from their shelves, but now I don’t mind so much. I love what I’ve made, or am working on, so far. I’m just going to consider this a little slow down.

destroyed cowl

 destroyed cowl

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