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finding oneself

I’m sorry that I haven’t been around the blog lately, but I’ve been enjoying a sweater high for a while. I think I finally found my knitting groove again and what works for me project wise. In this knitting journey of ours, we get to figure out who we are, what we like, and what we want. We try out different personas, when else can you do that? I’m not just writing about being a process vs a product knitter, but also how we handle our stash, juggle projects, and choose designs.

Some of us become what I call ‘specialized knitters’, they are the lace-, sock-, accessories- only knitters. Or their niche can be thin yarns, fashion knock offs, or hell, garter stitch for all that matters. What have I figured out? I’m better off with one project at a time, my mind needs the focus for some reason. It’s such a satisfying feeling to see a project through and immediately have the excitement of casting on something new. Being in the middle of a bunch of projects didn’t stir the same feelings. In that end, having a stash isn’t something I necessarily want. Having all that yarn just sitting there taunts me. I rather search for a yarn that will work for the next project on my queue. My stash isn’t too bad now (thanks to everyone who cleared it out for me!) and I have plans for the bit I have left. Except for the sock yarn. I have enough to knit a pair of socks a month, but I’m not being inspired. I’m not sure if I need a break from socks or if I’m moving towards knitting more with solids and semi-solids instead of the variegated yarn taking residence in my house right now. This might also be tied to my affinity to more minimalist designs lately.

These aren’t hard rules or anything, just some observations I’ve had on my own knitting. This is more for me really. It’s good to sometimes see what you’re tastes and habits have evolved to. Have you noticed any habits that have changed in your stashing or knitting? Continue Reading