baby shoes

June 6, 2011

a bit of a journey

have you ever been on a journey that makes no sense? I'm talking about the crafting kind. actually, I should say the crafting gifts kind.

I first started with a quilt:

stars on back

but once the quilting started giving me problems with thread breaking or me losing my spot and creating jagged lines, I put it on time out. the quilting was just not good enough for a gift.

so I started another quilt:

making this a democratic quilt

it started off well and it was even pretty quick. until I had to sew around that outer circle! I tried to cut out a circle that would fit but luck wasn't on my side. off to the ufo pile it went.

after two failed quilts I somehow ended up with six pairs of baby shoes:

shoe parade

I'm starting to think maybe this is where I was supposed to end up all along. imagine if I had been making shoes since I started the first quilt, how many would I have done?!

baby kimono shoes

I started off with these little kimono shoes (both patterns are from ithinksew), which I think are my favorite for the toes alone. think of all the fussy cutting you could do!

baby booties

three pairs weren't enough apparently (I want this baby to have options), so I made three more of the baby booties I made before. just as fiddly as before, but just as cute.

December 6, 2010

tiny shoes

first shoes for harper

a while back, leah and I fell in love with all of these shoes and wanted to make them all. it only took me a few months to get going on them and I hope they still fit H. I chose #23 baby booties because of their clean, simple design. you only have two pattern pieces, the top and the sole, so this couldn't be simpler.

2nd shoes for harper

unfortunately the pattern could have used some editing. I constantly got lost while making the first pair and eventually had to ignore and just look at the photos (or ignore everything). once you figure things out you don't really need to look at the pattern for the next pair. my first ones came out a little wonky, so I felt like I had to make a second set. the pink ones came out a lot better and were quicker to sew. I may love them a little too much.

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