February 29, 2008

leap day

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I couldn't resist posting today, especially since I didn't want to wait another four years at the chance of a 2/29 post. unfortunately, my knitting mojo has left the room and I haven't really touched 28thirty till earlier today. I've been busy doing and worrying about other things to care about the big, gaping hole I have at the sleeve or that I'm this close to being done with the body. so really, all I have for you today are some random knits I've finished in the last few months that I just never bothered to blog. the unbloggables if you wish. really this is going to turn out to be the post you get sick of the top of my head.
hat and stole.jpg

hat and stole.jpg
pattern: robin's egg blue hat yarn: shokay pure yak down in azure needles: 5.5 mm, 16"

I knit this hat back in december after finishing everything else on the needles and noticing I didn't really own any cool hats. this used up only half a hank of the yak (or shambala as apparently it's known as now) and knit up in a couple of hours. I loved it right away, except I wore it during one of those wintry mix/ ice storms and the hat ended up stretching out a bit. every time I put it on now it just feels like it wants to fall off. I'll probably knit it again with a different cast on number or with smaller needles.

as an aside, the scarf in the photo is amy's stolen moment wrap. I haven't had a chance to take a proper photo of it only because I've been wearing it all the time. I didn't even bother to block it. I used about three hanks of pear tree merino 12 ply in natural and 8mm needles.


pattern: koolhaas
yarn: shokay pure yak down in dusty wind
needles. 4mm and 5mm, 16"
mod: knit "man's" version with one less repeat

I finally made a hat for the husband that he approves of! as much as I love the end result of this hat though, I hated knitting it. all those crossed stitches killed my wrist and I never got the flow of the pattern till the very end. unlike most of you, this will be the one and only version of this hat I make.

stella hat.jpg

pattern: stella's hat
yarn: malabrigo merino worsted in natural
needles: 5mm, 16"

I loooove this hat! it knit up super quick and it's just a quirky enough for people to know it wasn't store bought. I'll probably knit this again, but in a yarn other than malabrigo. I can pretty much say, I'm sick of single ply yarns and their ugly pilling ways. it's not bad at all on this hat, but let's just say there's a cardigan that looks pretty worn already in my drawer.

stella top.jpg

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