morning bright holistic merino aran

morning bright holistic merino

I just wanted to jump in here today to talk about a new to me yarn. a few months ago, I was lucky enough to win two skeins of yarn from Becky of morning bright yarn from a knit along on ravelry. I never win anything, so I was shocked when I saw my name as one of the winners. I honestly only joined the kal so I could knit the portage sweater with some friends.

I was excited to check Becky’s store out since I had never heard of her yarn line and because she’s based in maine (I pretty much love anything from maine). it took me days to decide on what to get and eventually I chose one of her holistic merinos in an aran weight for a hat and her organic merino nylon blend for some future socks.

morning bright holistic merino aran

I love so many things about this yarn. the first thing I noticed was the softness. yes, it’s merino but it’s easy to forget what non-superwash merino actually feels like. I was looking through my projects and the last non-superwash merino I used was pear tree merino. the pear tree was soft, but almost overly so. it had that optim wool feel I’m not the biggest fan of. the holistic merino feels soft and a little dry in the hank, but it bloomed and softened even more after washing. it never felt limp while knitting.

holistic merino aran morning bright

the next thing I loved was the color. when I chose atlantic, I pretty much expected a mix of blues. I didn’t notice the beautiful grey wash that makes the light blue stand out even more. this is more a cloudy day at a rocky beach especially compared to the midnight pass colorway I used recently which is a sunny day out on the gulf coast.

holistic merino aran atlantic

this yarn creates a super light fabric. my other hats feel so dense compared to this one. on the wrong side you can see how the three single plies create beautiful stitches. minimally processed merino for the win! oh, that’s the other thing. anytime I hear or read the words “organic’, “local”, “sustainable”  or even just “hand dyed” I expect a certain price tag to come with it. but this yarn is priced very reasonably for what you’re getting, a certified Australian NewMerino® wool hand dyed in batches. it is still high-end compared to something mass produced with unknown wool, but priced more comfortably than other hand dyed yarns I’ve been using and don’t know where the yarn is coming from or how the sheep were treated.  for the quality she should raise her prices!


I chose the chunkeanie hat pattern, because it’s one of my favorites (this is probably my fourth version) and because all those purl stitches do beautiful things to variegated yarns. I used just a little over half a skein for it, though I may go back and add a few rows before the decreases just to get it a little taller. I decided this year to make a bunch of hats as christmas gifts and this is the first one. since I’m going to do it grab bag style I want to make sure this fits a few more people. for me it’s pretty perfect as is. I already have a beautiful merino alpaca blend lined up for the next hat, I just need to find a pattern for it.

there are so many yarn dyers right now, but it feels only a select few get most of the attention. I just wanted to bring to light some yarn I really enjoyed using and a dyer that is trying to make a difference in the industry. once I wind up the sock yarn I received from morning bright I’ll do a little write up about it. it may be a while though since I’m knee deep in shawl knitting. more on that later!

morning bright holistic merino aran

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  • Cara June 23, 2015 at 7:26 am

    I look to you for all things yarn, so thanks for this. It’s hard for me to break out of my tried and true, but I will keep this yarn in mind.

  • Keren June 23, 2015 at 8:25 am

    Thanks for the yarn recommendation! I’m always on the lookout for ethical yarn. The hat looks great – what an awesome colorway.

  • Jenni Choi July 14, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    Thanks for the recommendation & I <3 the color!!