color craving

for 12 years I swore up and down that I wasn’t interested in colorwork and that I wouldn’t enjoy knitting or wearing it. I’m finally ready to admit that I couldn’t  have been more wrong.

sure, it was a pain to get my hands used to holding two strands of yarn. but once I found the method that worked for me, both strands in my left hand, there’s been no stopping me. I’ve had so much fun using up scraps and putting color combinations together. I just need to learn how to rein in my craziness it seems. I checked my rav queue and this is a sampling of where my head is at right now.

is a queue supposed to be based on reality or be aspirational? I clearly believe in the latter.

some random thoughts:

I can’t decide between the riddari or the strokkur or if I should just do both. what’s another sweater right? I just need to decide on color combos.

I already have my yarn for the pine bough cowl set aside, it’s going to be navy with a peachy color. can’t wait! I’m debating starting it on a little road trip we’re going on.

I’ve been swatching for stasis for, what feels likes, months. I just can’t get 26 sts without going mad, so I think I’ll have to play around with the gauge on this one.

which leads me to worrying about northdale. I haven’t swatched for this one yet, though I have some yarn set aside for it. it’s 31 sts for 4″ but it’s all over colorwork unlike stasis. I’m hoping this works in my favor.

I fell in love with flugeldar as soon as I saw the pattern. I’m going to be knitting it for my husband and I’ll be picking up yarn at stitches south for it. I may be dorky and knit myself one as well. it’s deciding on colors that always slows me down.

I saw olga’s onpa shawl at rhinebeck last fall and everyone was going crazy for it. the shawl is knit flat, are my floats good enough for this? time will tell.

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  • Duni April 8, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    Holy shit, that bottom sweater there. Yum. My queue has a lot of those same items and is totally aspirational and remindorial (totally a word), because otherwise I may forget what’s in my library. I love color work and I so want to figure it out with both yarns in my left hand, but I cannot get the hang of it right now. It looks better when I do it two handed (product over process is the siren song), although then my hands start to cramp. The struggle is real. I am so glad you have all these bright and fun knits! The arrow cowl you just did did not appeal to me in the original colorway, but this just catches the eye. Well done!

    • bitterpurl April 16, 2015 at 3:41 pm

      I tried the two handed way and I must have lost any skill I had in English style knitting. it was the slowest thing in the world. it took me a few projects to get the hang of it (I even tried those weird yarn holders you wear on your finger), but my hand finally listened.

      isn’t it funny how colorwork patterns work? half the time I think I hate something and then I see it in just the right color combo and I MUST HAVE IT. thanks for the cowl love!

  • Cara April 9, 2015 at 7:03 am

    I aspire to color work as well. You are amazing!!