a forced break

or more like I’m so badass when I sew that I break machines. actually, it’s more like I tried to use a poorly wound bobbin because I was lazy and my bobbin case decided to pop out and break. I like the idea that I’m too much of a sewer for my machine so let’s go with that one.
while I wait for a new bobbin case I thought I showed you something from two months ago, because I like to keep my blog timely like that!

practice piece

I’m calling this “the summer of learning” because, besides the peter valley retreat I went on a few weeks ago, I took a longarm class over memorial day weekend at olde city quilts (who, by the way, are some of the nicest people I’ve met). the class started with how to load your quilt onto the machine, which I’ll take any day over pinning or spray basting, and then we were off. we tried one pantograph, but quickly moved on to free motion quilting on our practice pieces.

practice piece

just thinking of a longarm machine made me scared and I figured they would be too much to handle. once you relax and just get into the groove of quilting they are quite easy, maybe even pleasurable. at least you don’t have a big, heavy quilt on your shoulders or lap to maneuver.

simple charm quilt

we were told to bring a small quilt of our own to work on after the practice piece, so, of course, I waited until the night before to put something together. looking through my scraps I found a bunch of charm squares I never knew what to do with and threw them together with some leftover kona cotton in snow and essex linen in ivory (and a little square in natural). for the back I cut into some yardage of a jay mccarroll print that was in the stash. not bad for a last minute quilt! it measures about 40″ square in the end. I stippled on the background and chose different patterns to quilt on the prints. the most fun was pebble quilting on the modern meadow strip, I could never get it right on my machine but it came easily (or easier at least) on the longarm.

wrinkled goodness

wrinkled goodness

back detail

I can see renting time on the longarm becoming a regular thing for me, especially as I finish my sampler quilt and debate on how to quilt it. larger quilts just don’t seem as daunting anymore, but rather exciting.

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  • Virginia July 23, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    That sounds pretty awesome! I’m impressed that you tackled and mastered the longarm.

  • Preita July 23, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    Your quilting pictures make me wanna learn how to quilt SO BADLY. But, just as I’m ready to jump off the edge into yet another hobby I remind myself that I knit, spin, write, farm, and I really don’t have any time for anymore! 🙁 Maybe one day. How on earth did you spell your name so fluidly? i would be all right angles and saddness.

  • Karen C July 26, 2011 at 11:17 am

    if i were to quilt – it would come nowhere close to your fun and whimsical creativity. Perhaps I should just surrender my sewing machine to you now :o)