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July 25, 2010


june block 2

I'm a little behind on this month's bee blocks, but I just got my second one done today and I still have a few more days to get a third, and maybe fourth, done so I'm not sweating it yet. our bee seems to be dominated by stephs and amandas. july is steph's month with stars, but june was steph's month and stripes. did they plan it out somehow? I don't know, but I'm suspicious!

june block 1

at first I thought working with only two colors would be a challenge or intimidating, but I ended up loving it. I definitely see myself making a similar quilt for myself in the future. steph wanted stripes of any kind and my mind immediately went to rothko. I wanted my blocks to be clean and graphic. instead of lots of thin stripes, I wanted larger blocks of color that would make the blocks really pop. of course, I went a little overboard and some of my blocks ended up a lot bigger than necessary. it'll be interesting to see how they work in relation to the others.

june block 3

by the third block I reigned the size in to be closer to 15" square. at the time, this one was my favorite though I can't really explain why. the proportions maybe. it doesn't feel so "in your face" as the other two. but then I got inspired to make a fourth block since I still had enough scraps left.

fourth june block

this block became my favorite (for now at least). I was inspired by an amish quilt I saw online. that quilt was pieced in many colors with rectangles going up the side (my memory is a little fussy right now). I really liked the movement and tried to recreate that feeling with only two colors. I randomly pieced the center of the block until I got a size I liked and then surrounded it with larger swatches of color. it still has the constraints of the other blocks with hints of a freer feel to it.


these look so great!!!!

Love the fourth block! How big is it?

Love the colours.

i went to a 4H Fair over the weekend and spent a bit of time admiring the quilts (some were blech...but most were awe inspiring!). What a fantastic talent you have!

I love all of these blocks (and not just because they are blue)! I need to rebind the quilt my mom made me, because it is very threadbare. Maybe that will be a September project, before I actually need to use the quilt again.

I like the last block a lot. It looks like those pixellated prints that are very popular right now.

Yesterday I saw a girl in Soho with a skirt that had a print from the 80s that had been pixellated. It looked so cool. I once had a dress with the same print, in the actual 80s. It did not look cool.

the first one is my favorite. i love the super skinny white stripes.

These are so freakin awesome! gorgous! Her quilt is going to be so neat.

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