I should be working on my green quilt. sewing the rows, deciding on borders (I’m leaning towards nay) and piecing the back are all in order. but fabric is an evil temptress and I already have my eyes set on my next quilt.


I think my favorite part of quiltmaking is playing with colors. maybe because I don’t really do this in my knitting? I don’t do colorwork (yes, I’m limiting myself), I rarely knit a non-self-striping stripe, and mostly limit myself to one color for my projects. my socks are pretty colorful, but I didn’t come up with the color combinations or have a say in color placement. with quilting though, there’s a whole world of possibilities to someone like me.

fabric trials 2

ok, so I’m pretty restrained when it comes to my “personal” palette. most of my sweaters are grey, blue, red or some shade of purple. and now that I just wrote that, I notice that these images are pretty much that except for the orange. so I guess I’m not going that far out of my comfort zone with this next quilt. mixing all together is the big deal for me.

fabric trials 1

also, being able to imagine what the whole quilt will look like is apparently very hard for me which leads to a lot of second guessing. the quilt I’ll be working on, along with amanda and rangsiwan, is a sampler of sorts. it’s going to be based on a quilt I found at my in-laws. the original was made my a group of ladies that raffled it off for charity. it was definitely hand quilted and, I think, hand pieced. but this was in the ’80’s. so there’s a lot of hunter green along with the white they used. the batting is pretty thin, almost nonexistent in some places.

fabric trials- the maybes

I’m going to update it for myself, in grey and turquoise with touches of berry and orange. it’s going to be a very relaxed quilt-along, maybe a block or two every week or so. it’ll be fun to see our different interpretations of it. I already know some blocks are going to be a lot of fun to piece and some, not so much.
for now though, all I can do is think about it. there’s a green quilt calling me.

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  • Seanna Lea March 9, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Your color sense is very close to mine, so I will be very interested in seeing your latest quilt come together. When my mom made me my last quilt it was all in shades of blue and white, and a small part of me regrets not adding something for a bit of pizazz in the middle of all that monochrome!

  • Amanda Elizabeth March 9, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    mmm I love this post! I need to start this today..I’m starting to get antsy seeing your photos!!!

  • Oiyi March 9, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    I love the colors you chose for the quilt. I find that I stick to the same old comfortable colors when it comes to my wardrobe.