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doll quilt

thank you so much for the comments (keep them coming) and the lovely emails! you sure know how to make a girl feel better about herself. after a little more self-analyzing I realize that my little conundrum isn’t just about blogging but maybe life in general. things seem to change either very fast, when it seems you have no control, or very slowly, when your patience is tested and you start questioning letting things be or shaking things up. my mind has been both all over the place and stuck simultaneously. I would say that I’m in a rut, but I’m also excited about new possibilities. It’s setting them into place and waiting that’s killing me. and worrying that in the end nothing will happen (yikes!). I guess all of this is spilling over onto my crafting/blogging world. all this rambling is really just a warning for you, I may go crazy soon 😛


so on to crafting. I finally got the nerve to bind that little doll quilt I started months ago. it basically became a swatch for me as I moved on to a bigger quilt. I practiced quilting on it, which I haven’t done on my “real” quilt yet, and the binding. if I got anything from it, it was to learn how to let go of my perfectionist leanings. the quilting is all over the place, the tension is off, I don’t even think the border fabric is even, and the binding was cut too short (I followed the wrong instructions for that one) so it doesn’t cover all spots like it should (doh!)

loops on the back

BUT I still love it. knowing that I made it with my two little hands and struggled to figure things out on my own makes me happy. the colors aren’t too bad either.
ps I’m trying out a new comment plugin that hopefully will make it easier to have conversations within the comment section! if it gets annoying I’ll remove it, so please let me know! nevermind, that was a complete fail

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  • yaiAnn June 19, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Perfectionist tendencies.. we all need to go to therapy to help us on that! 😉 Or just craft more and care less.. or.. er.. craft more and care not so much.. no no, craft more, care more, but just don’t sweat the little stuff.. CHEEESE =D

  • Preita June 19, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    I love it! You make me want to quilt though I am a terrible sewer and HATE all the prep involved. (ie cutting, measuring, cutting, more cutting, piecing OMG CUTTING!)

  • Teyani June 20, 2009 at 1:17 am

    sweet little quilt.
    and my personal philosophy about quilting is that unless you are entering it into a contest, perfect doesn’t matter.
    I’m no help with machine quilting, I used to quilt all of my full size ones by hand (it’s a really soothing thing to do – very zen)