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December 6, 2007

cleaning house

burberry scarf.jpg
faux burberry

yarn: yarntini sporweight in "luxury"
pattern: mistake rib scarf...otherwise known as child's rainbow scarf from lmkg
mods: CO 51sts
needles: 3.75mm
date started: 11.29.07
date finished: 12.04.07

like I said last week, I'm motivated to get a lot of things off the needles before year's end and this scarf was on top of that list. with a few days of knitting, the resulting scarf, over 6ft of it, is warm and cushy. my brother finally gets his scarf and I got to use the awesome yarntini yarn. I'm pretty sad to let this knit go, I'm almost tempted to keep it.

this was a pretty fast knit for me, I'm usually horrendous with scarves. it must've been the magic of watching all the stripes form, I just kept telling myself "keep going to the next beige" or "the next red/white/red combo!" the novelty of knitting a faux burberry scarf never wore off and I love how the deep ribs add to the plaid look. I just hope this scarf is stylish enough for the streets of chicago.

burberry texture.jpg

my wip's aren't the only thing I'm cleaning up. my stash has taken on, shall we say, massive proportions. my knitting definitely has not kept up with my yarn buying, though I don't remember when the last time I bought yarn for myself was. the yarn must just replicate itself when I'm not looking. anywho, the thoughts of moving have crossed our minds over here, as well as just minimizing how much we own. in looking through my stash, I realized there were a lot of yarns that I either had no clue what I got it for or I just kinda outgrew. if I hadn't knit with it in a year was I ever really going to? I decided what I wanted to knit in the near future and whatever yarns didn't make the cut are going to be on sale here. whatever isn't sold will be donated to a junior high knitting club near me. if there's anything you're interested in just email me or leave a comment, my email is on the sidebar. let me just warn you, there's a lot of stuff on that page so it may load slowly!


I love it! I need a new scarf - I guess I'm going to have to find something to knit.

Somehow the idea of reducing my stash with a move never occurred to me! I guess because yarn is light?

I love that Faux Burberry scarf. The colors are awesome and it does simulate a plaid look. I think your brother will be beyond thrilled and it is certainly more than stylish enough for Chicago! I'm going to try to avoid looking at your yarn sale, lest I be tempted.

I do like to use the rule of thumb if I haven't used it in a year, the chances are I've moved on from that project too.

The scarf came out great!

You are evil for posting that yarn stash sale. It took a lot of self-restraint, but I need room for my soon-to-be baby and my stash is out of control.

I think the Faux Burberry is beautiful~ I love the way the colors work up in the mistake rib. Good thinking on this one :)

Subtle. Very subtle.

great scarf - and it'll look very stylish on the streets of Chicago - I can see why you're tempted to keep it :-)
and that 'stash' of yours is very tempting - especially the cranberry colored rowan... how many yards is that?

cute scarf - it does look just like burberry! what a neat idea!

Nice scarf!

I have a Noro Scarf that I am working on and I would have to agree with you, watching the stripes unfurl, definitely keeps me knitting on it longer than I would normally.

What a great scarf! I got your book in the mail today - beautiful!

Ooh....love the scarf. Classy!

It's my scarf, keep yours hands off it!

Maybe I'll sell it on ebay.

pretty sweet. nice stitch count to get quality stripes.


I hope your having a great time on your NEW YEARS day!
Hope eveythings goes will and big luck wish your best~~

Also visit my blog...I made a post about preview of new knitting book 2008!


It's a great looking scarf!

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