some yummy yarn, and a monday give-away

I bet my mailman reads this blog and is dying to delurk. I imagine one day, while dropping off some package, he’ll casually wear a scarf or hat he knit so that maybe I’ll say something. I’m sure I’ll ask if someone made it for him and he’ll shyly say, “oh this? I just knit this one night while watching {insert one of my favorite shows here}. it really didn’t take long.” after that, we’ll start an impromptu knit night, where we’ll proceed to eat, gossip, and maybe knit. I’ll start to get my mail even faster, and maybe he’ll hookup with a free scale……, I haven’t gone insane. but with the amount of yarn coming into this house, my mailman might as well start knitting. look at this beauty he brought me today:


more striping yarn, this time in a pureknits colorway!! this is the test skein, but I can’t imagine it getting any better. the colors are exactly what I wanted. I’ll be swatching it tonight to see how the colors stripe and once I finalize it, the yarn will be online within a week or so. can you stand it?
it’s no secret that I’ve been going sock yarn crazy and a few people have asked me what my favorite sock yarn is. I’m thinking I can compare what I have in the stash or what I’ve used and maybe post a little comparison on this here, old blog. would more of you be interested in this? I think I want to pick up a couple more yarns (for comparisons sake of course), anything specific you want me to look at? I may be able to write this in a week or so.
back to my mailman, he also took some packages with him today. last monday’s give-away finally got shipped, and it’s already monday again! the rules are here and the goods are below (I’m still deciding on shippim rules):


TAKEN!! a blue, sheer fabric with some silver thrown in. not sure how many yards, but it feels like a good amount. I must have bought this in my layered skirt phase.


TAKEN!! a tiny amount of a sweet white fabric. it has hearts people!


TAKEN!! I must have really loved flowers at some time, because here’s another flowery fabric. I made my first skirt ever out of this cotton fabric. think of it as a little piece of history.


TAKEN!! another sheer fabric, in oranges and browns. the colors are a lot richer than in the image.


TAKEN!! a small amount of toile, maybe you can use it as an accent?

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