be proud!

That I finally moved my site from blogger! Why did I wait so long? I love the design Diana came up with (she came up with some beauties) and I’m so happy to finally be free.


That I actually managed to get this done! I really thought I was going to be one of those losers that didn’t get their socks done in time and then had to hide from the knitting community for a year. On Wednesday I decided to carry the sock with me to get some kip time and who knew that would work!? The second sock got to see the train, a cafe, and a salon.


I’ve been busy, so I had that excuse, but I was also just sick of this project. It felt like the socks kept going on and on, which seems to happen a lot when you don’t work on them and when the socks are big. I think the fear of an ill-fitting sock kept me away as well, the measurements seem right but what if my pal hates them or if they are too small, or too big!? Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one, shall we?


I do like the end result though, the simple yarn-over cables give the socks some textural interest, which my pal had asked for, and keeps these from becoming boring grey socks. I’m hoping that the ribbing gives them a nice snug fit. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks I guess. They still need to be soaked in hot bath and to have their ends weaved in, but they are done!!! And now I can knit for memememe!


Well, I kind of already started a little something. I’m in a little yarn swap with Jacq and I took total advantage and helped myself to some yarn for the Sunrise Circle Jacket(pdf). She came up with Rowanspun Aran in Gables…AWESOME! I bought myself a skein to swatch and somehow ended up with a sleeve and part of the front. The rest of the yarn arrived this week, perfect timing for no-guilt knitting. I’m headed to a wedding this weekend (sort of why this post seems hurried) and this baby is coming along with me. I may still bring some socks with me, but my plan is to give the jacket my full attention. I love finishing a wool jacket just in time for summer. Really. I do.

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