The Siesta is Over

Sorry I’ve been away for a few days, I didn’t have time to blog while I was away and I didn’t feel like posting without pictures (camera eta: 25hrs). Blame Purly though for waking me from my siesta and tagging me with the new knitting meme that’s making the rounds. I’ll answer now and then fill in the pictures this weekend (25 hrs till my camera boy is back!)

What is your all time favourite yarn to knit with?
If the question was what yarn I would burn, then the answer would come easier. I don’t have a yarn that I go back to again and again though I do have many fond memories of some. I do love Blue Sky Alpaca and I’m itching to knit something else with it. The feel of Malabrigo makes me smile and I’m enjoying using their bulky merino as well. Oh, I lied to you, I have used Rowan KSH quite a few times so that easily places it in my fave list.

Your favourite needles?
umm, take a look to the right and you’ll find the answer. Here’s another hint:

The worst thing you’ve ever knit?
I think this is pretty bad! oh what I knitted…I had to think about this. My first sweater was from a Yarn Girls pattern. Think bulky, no shape, and beige. That was eventually frogged and turned into a lovely bag and scarf. This wrap is pretty bad, I recently ripped it to reclaim the yarn. Anyone interested in some Rowan Ribbon Twist?

I also found this scarf in my drawer that ranks in the top five worst things I’ve ever knitted. If I remember correctly, I got the pattern and yarn idea from not martha back when I first learned to knit. The yarn is Geisha, which turned out to be a messy, fuzzy, dense mess. I don’t have the heard to rip it out (what would I do with the yarn?!) or throw it out.

Your most favourite knit pattern? (maybe you don’t like wearing it…but it was the most fun to knit)
One of my favorites has been Sylv’s shrug, partly because I got to test knit it and edited the pattern. I’m also a sucker for lace.

Most valuable knitting technique?
Depends how you define “valuable”. My pick is short rows. I get to use it every time I knit socks, but I could throw it in a sweater for shaping or make one of those loopy scarves that seem to be all the rage. A close second is grafting.

Best knit book or magazine?
The little spiral bound Vogue Reference. Anytime I have no clue what I’m supposed to do, I pray in front of this book and the answers come to me.

Your favourite knit-a-long?
My only “official” kal has been the River along. I had a good time knitting the stole and seeing everyone’s variations of it. (hot lava doesn’t count since I haven’t CO for it yet, more on this later)

Your favourite knitblogs?
This is tough. I have A LOT. If I make a connection with the person, then their blog becomes a must read. I also enjoy seeing a lot of different projects or techniques, I’m a sucker for beautiful images, and sharing a good knitting discussion with a touch of humor helps. A clean layout is also key. Just a few top picks: Eunny is always amazing me with the beauty of her projects and the ease she knits them with (Oh, this sweater knit on 1’s? It only took a day!) I swear she knits 24/7. Another speed knitter, Diana has beautiful pictures to go along with her projects. Anna is always creating things I want to knit be it socks, sweaters, or military jackets. Purly and I have a lot in common and she’s one of the bloggers that got me into sock knitting. You know I like her if I didn’t mind those cat posts (we won’t mention those again).

Your favourite knitwear designer?
Is it bad that my non-favorite designer was the first thing that came to mind. I do love Stef’s designs. If you notice what’s on my needles or what I’ve knit, then I think you’ll find a theme.

The knit item you wear the most? (how about a picture of it!)
Lately I’ve been wearing my OSW a lot, knitting it with alpaca really made it perfect for the start of fall. It’s nice and warm without being bulky.

But the one knitted item I wear the most has to be the first thing I ever knitted three years ago. My poor rockstar scarf (from one of the first knittys) has seen every winter since it’s birth. I’ll post a pic later to show you how ratty it is. I still love it and it keeps me warm.

Tag time! Eunny, Anna, Lolly, and Amy.

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  • Amy October 28, 2005 at 1:15 pm

    Thanks for the tag. I feel like I’m in the in crowd now. I should really try the blue sky alpaca sometime.

  • Purly whites October 28, 2005 at 2:32 pm

    Dude, there were only two posts with cat pictures. Leave me alone.

  • Mintyfresh October 28, 2005 at 3:16 pm

    I just got to your blog via Eunny’s–hey fellow Philly knitter! How funny, too, that you call your boyfriend “the boy,” because that’s what I always call mine, too.I’m enjoying reading your archives.

  • Amy October 29, 2005 at 9:42 am

    Hope you are having fun now that the boy is back!

  • Lolly October 29, 2005 at 8:55 pm

    Yeah, thanks for the tag. I like this meme ;)I like learning more about my bloggy friends!