War of the UFO’s

Oh God, it’s that time of the week again where I reveal to the world how deep in this knitting obsession I am. I must admit though, there hasn’t been too much knitting going on in casa de Yahaira for the last few days. Frogging angora when you may be allergic to it isn’t the brightest idea. I basically passed out for an hour after trying this. Let’s say good-bye to the lovely angora, it will soon be on it’s way to a new home. You are going to love it Illanna!

Alright, time to dig stuff out of the UFO pile. Don’t judge me! Usually putting myself out in the open like this helps me get my ass in gear, I’m hoping it works again.

This is the famous cabled handbag. All I would need to do is sew up the dowels, seam up the sides, and sew in a lining to finish this, so why don’t I? I think the color is kinda blah (camel) and I wish I would have knitted it up on smaller needles (instead of the 15’s I used). BTW, this is less than one skein of GGH Aspen. Do I finish it and never use it? Or do I reknit it in a tighter gauge? It’s a little too floppy to be cute I think.

The tank from hell, otherwise known as the biased tank from knit.1. I love Teva Durham, but this tank annoys the hell out of me. I need to finish it! I will finish it!! I did figure out a knitting mystery, which I’ll share with all of you after I’m done. I promise I will, really.

This boring pic is my future knitting bag. So boring to knit in, oh so pretty, tulle. Again, all I have to do is line it and seam it (on the sewing machine!) and make some sort of handle. I think I’ll be able to finish this by the weekend.

My progress on the mesh tank has stalled. All that ribbing on little needles just put me off. But I’m determined to get it done, I want to wear it so bad! My question is do we think the bamboo (the little skein in the middle) matches the soysilk?

With all these projects, can you believe I started on a new one?! Yep, I started on the Paris Loop with the yarn Vy sent me. I’m using the Gedifra Cicco the pattern asks for. I figured I could knit this while we watch 24, it’s mindless enough that I can knit without looking. Yeah, that’s right we are still watching 24! We are finally on season three. Do you notice something? I finally found US 17’s in a 16″! Skacel doesn’t even advertise that they make addi’s in this size. They exist, trust me!

This is a sneak peek of something I’m working on. Don’t you love the yarns?

And here’s some comic realief for you my fellow knitters.

I swear it’s suppossed to be a baby bootie, but according to Tom and his best friend it looked like a wear “man cozy”! I’ll leave what else they said to your imagination. It’s frogged now so I don’t have to hear about it. Apparently, I’m not meant to knit booties. Does anyone have a baby bootie pattern that isn’t extremely vague? I tried one from knitting pretty, but the pattern is written only for the pattern writer.


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  • the knitrider July 18, 2005 at 6:01 pm

    there are a bunch here, but they are for preemies. i think i used one of the patterns and just modified it until it was large enough.http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/preemies.html#preemie-booties

  • Atouria July 18, 2005 at 10:30 pm

    I made the 1 hour baby booties from SNB nation. They were super easy and actually fun to knit!From the colors displayed on my monitor, I think the bamboo yarn matches your mesh tank really well!Good luck on all your UFO’s! I’m still hard at work on my cabled top. 🙂

  • Diana July 19, 2005 at 11:43 am

    whoa, there sure are a lot of pieces to that biased tank! I think the pink will work really well with the mesh tank, it seems like there is some of that color in there.