The yarn is dry

and not looking too bad if I say so myself. The color is not quite as dark as the pic suggests. I do like the slight color variation within each skein, though, can you tell which skein is not like the others?! umm, yeah that one on the top left didn’t get as much dye for some reason. I tried a gauge/color watch out for the ribbing that’s left to do and a) gauge is way off and b) I must really suck at ribbing. Look at how ugly that is!! I emailed Stefanie, to figure out which cast on number I’m suppossed to follow since the pattern is not too clear on that part.

I’m so happy all of you like the scarf (I got some compliments on craftster as well!). Especially since that’s the scarf that started the whole “selling stuff at my friend’s store” thing. I’m working on a new one, which I hope is as big of a hit as the first one. I’m still not sure if I’m going to go for it or not, especially since I wouldn’t know how much to charge for a weirdass scarf like that.

For now, I’m working on the minisweater, the scarf, figuring out what the shawl pattern really is, and using my new swift I picked up yesterday. I think after seeing how many hanks I needed to wind, the bf got scared that I was going to recruit him. He so subltely suggested I needed a swift (it was more like, “damnit! I don’t want to deal with all that yarn! Get a swift NOW!”). He now calls it the yarn carousel and any time I’m winding anything has become “carnival time”. It’s a small plastic/metal one from Japan that has some weirdly translated directions. Notice the scale, I needed it to wind the laceweight bamboo since I have no idea what I have on the cone. Now I’m just too lazy to take it back into the kitchen.

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  • Atouria July 11, 2005 at 8:44 pm

    I love the yarn! The variations are what makes it so unique and beautiful! Your new swift is so cute. I love ‘carnival time.’ Winding yarn is fun for me and carnival just works!