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After two days of going to the gym, I feel pretty good. It helps that I have the bf as my gym buddy, I have no clue what I would do there without him. I would feel so awkward and out of place, I swear our gym is the one people who’ve been training for years switch to. Somehow the bf and I were allowed to join without being massively buff, there’s probably some sort of fatass quota they have to meet each month. I just hang around the weights or the cardio machines, I never want to go near the freeweights area with the bf. It’s all the cool kids with six packs looking at themselves in the mirror. Maybe in a few months I’ll be confident enough to join in.

Enough boring you with gym stuff, on to knitting. I forgot to post a pic of my scarf…it’s done! I’ll write about it tomorrow, but now I have to find a new project to knit while watching 24. I’m thinking of a skinny scarf with that cashmere the bf got me or a leaf scarf from loop-d-loop.

In the meantime, I hope to get my dyeing done tomorrow so I can finish my mesh tank. I’m also going to dye some laceweight bamboo to match some of the Naturewool I bought at Loop, I’m thinking of knitting the two together for glampyre’s minisweater. I’m hoping the bamboo will soften up the wool, sort of what Diana is doing with some silk for hers.

Another project I have in the works (or just in my mind) is the Eternity Shawl from shopintuition. I think I have the pattern figured out in my head, though I’m still not sure what the edge pattern is. Now the question is what yarn do I use? There’s not much I could use in my stash. I have some angora, but that’s too wimpy. I could use the laceweight bamboo, but that may be too thin? So I’m thinking, eventually, I’ll have to get some mohair. I think I’m going to skip kid silk haze and try out habu’s version of it because I want to use something new. Any suggestions?

Sorry this post doesn’t have any pics, but I haven’t taken a shower yet from the gym. I promise to post some up tomorrow!

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  • Diana July 8, 2005 at 3:42 pm

    Yay minisweater! I’ll be interested to see how laceweight bamboo yarn works with the wool – very cool! Definitely try Habu’s mohair silk. Its so so so nice, and shiny. Also, the eternity shawl looks super cool. How did you figure out the pattern?

  • Anais July 8, 2005 at 9:14 pm

    I love the look of that shawl! I must make one!! if mary-kate has it then it’s definitely in style hehe!