Sometimes I just don’t make any sense

or maybe it’s all the time.

I was rushing to the gym and left no explanation as to what I posted last night. Or maybe I’m just playing a cruel joke on all of you for a laugh. Nah, that’s not like me now is it? Ok, so the top picture is knitted on US 17’s and the bottom is on 19’s. I just wanted to see if it made any real visual difference to you guys. It felt really stiff on the 17’s so I tried 19’s. I think it’s well documented on this little blog that I am an extremely indecisive person, so I always hope you guys make a decision for me.

It’s a scarf I’m knitting up with some stash yarn; the bastard child of the wavy gravy from s’nbn and my “24” scarf. I was knitting it up before and then I saw Stefanie’s version which kinda made me stop mine. I decided to continue on since I don’t believe she has released a pattern yet and I’ve been meaning to finish this scarf for a while.

So do the needles make a difference?

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  • Keridiana July 28, 2005 at 10:11 pm

    OIC! I vote smaller needles. I think I want the connectors to be a little more, hmm, solid.