Fitness time

Sorry I’ve been so quiet for the last few days, but I was busy driving back up north, spending some time with the bf on Monday, and finally resting all day yesterday. I’ve been plugging away at my knitting and all I have to do is dye some yarn and we are set to go. Hopefully I’ll have some new FO pics in the coming days. Oh, if anyone is interested in three skeins of Mission Falls cotton let me know.

In other news, the bf and I joined a gym last night. Gasp!! Yep, I’m making the big move and finally getting off my butt again. It’s a bad sign when you notice you haven’t been wearing any of your jeans. I’m hoping to fit into them again in the next month or two. My big incentive is that once I loose some weight, I’m going to knit myself up a lelah and then I’m going to go to Loop to get some yarn for an awesome sweater I want to knit up (I’ll show pics of it later!). I figure announcing it on here will definately keep me motivated, well you guys better keep me motivated! 😛

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