Sunday was great!

phew! Sunday was insane…in a good way. I’m already anxiously waiting for Saturday. Wait! Let me tell you about Sunday first.

Illanna came down for the day, and when I say the day I mean it! We were together from noon till 11p, it all went so quickly though that I can’t believe it. We met in China Town and went straight to Sophie’s. We were in awe of the yarn as we bagan our knitting high. We walked out of there with a few things.

I walked out with a ton of patterns all for a dollar! I also found the first issue of knit.1 (finally right?!) and they even gave me that R2 yarn for free (they were happy to get rid of it apparently). They also printed out a free pattern for us to make wrist warmers. Definately a good start…

But OMG! We went to the lovely Loop and we were both in awe. It’s so beautiful, the store design and the all the yummy yarns! I definately know where I’m headed when I get off this yarn diet. I would feel like I was cheating if I bought yarn anywhere else. That is how good this store is! Of course I didn’t walk out empty handed -so I cheated on my diet a little πŸ˜› Take a gander at the store and my score:

Three skeins of Nature Wool on sale dahling!

even the cash register is beautiful

That’s Craig on the right, as in “craig, I own this awesome store and you can be jealous of me!” Well ok, he doesnt call himself that, but it’s my blog and I can make it up!! They were all real sweet and I hope he starts a knitting group there soon. If not, then I’ll just have to start going there uninvited.

Unfortunately, my window pics just have too much glare. But if you want just go to flickr to see them, Ill wait. I did get a pic of Illanna outside, they must have thought we were tourists or something:

We left Loop just in time to head over to Stephanie’s book reading. It was in the top floor of the Temple on 18th and Spruce. Apparently knitters don’t need air conditioning, because it was only cool on the ground floor. Maybe they figured that if we all knit really fast then we could build up enough of a wind? Who knows! But it was great to be there (scorching sahara heat and all). It was basically a big knitting meetup in the guise of a book reading. There were over twenty people there, all knitting and all blogging. (I’ll post links to the other blogs I find and or remember on my sidebar) I quickly joined in, I worked on my second “one skein wonder” while Stephanie spoke. Illanna was working on some socks with yarn she dyed (she’s definately crafty). Stephanie is a great speaker and so funny. Here she is with her travelling sock:

There are more pics of the other knitters on my flickr. After the reading we walked over to Rosie’s for cookies and the signing. Of course, I was the idiot that forgot my book, so I have nothing signed and no other proof that I met her other than these pics. So you better enjoy these! Rosie’s was cramped, but fun. Did I mention it was cramped?! Want proof?

I think that is when some roving came out and everyone went crazy! And here’s proof that Rosie’s is wall to wall yarn.

The rest of the day, Illanna and I just hung out. We hadn’t realized how hungry or thirsty we were until we hit Marathon Grill for dinner. It tasted like the greatest meal I have ever had! We then headed over for some knitting at the square ( a preview of KIP day) and then to Cosi for coffee, more water, and more knitting. It was 500 degrees in there and we ended up getting our drinks for free (always cool).

It was such a great day and Illanna is definately a keeper. πŸ˜› There was never any of that uncomfortable silence, it was as if we had known each other for years. We are doing it all over again this Saturday, except she gets to lead me around. (should I be worried?!) I can hardly wait! Hopefully I can get enough knitting this week so that I can start some new projects for next weekend and get any moral support if I need it.

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  • illanna June 6, 2005 at 12:40 pm

    You are so sweet! I had a great time yesterday too, as you could probably tell by me going on and on about it πŸ™‚ It was so cool to meet you. Your pictures came out wonderful. I have some good pictures of us- the ones in front of the pink window and the blue window. You got a picture of the BOWL on the regiser at Loop! See you Saturday!!!