On the road again…

This is a historic moment, are you ready? I’m blogging from a hotel room in wet, humid Savannah! Fine, it isn’t that “historic”, but you have to admit it’s sorta funny. I specifically looked for a hotel with wifi, just so I could reach out to my friends out in cyber space.

What is that you say? Why am I in Savannah? Yes, that’s right, Georgia! I’m driving down to my parents’ house in Miami and I didn’t really plan very well. I swear this morning I still didn’t know if I was going today or tomorrow. I started driving extremely bright and early….at ten in the morning. Yeah, I don’t buy that early bird crap. I took my time in getting down here, and actually I was going to drive for another hour or two, but then I thought it would be nice to get online and relax. So I checked into a Holiday Inn Express all by my lonesome about an hour ago. The bf had to stay behind because he has this thing called “work” that apparently pays for the roof over my head and the yarn in my stash. I can’t imagine that life.

Anyway, during my 12 hours of meditation I realized that there are a few conspiracy theories that I actually believe in. No, I don’t believe in Area 51 or any JFK ones, but I do believe that stores change the posted original price on “sale items”, that highway “work areas” are speed traps, and that they are put up during the holidays to slow drivers down. Why do I think this? Because I was stuck in traffic for no apparent reason. Someone just kept leaving random orange cones everywhere and closing lanes for fun. Somehow, everytime I thought “oh I’ll stop at the next stop though I have to pee to the extreme”, there was some sort of traffic jam that I thought I was going to explode in. I also figured out that I trully hate other drivers. What about my car says, “please get right in front of me very slowly for no apparent reason?” Did someone put a bumper sticker on my car that asks drivers of huge SUV’s to get right on top of me, especially when it’s pouring? I’ll have to check tomorrow morning before I leave.

Oh, weird fact, some Burger King’s in South Carolina have live music acts at night. I stopped at the first exit in S.C. for dinner (ex 193 maybe) and walked into BK and wondered why they were pumping their music so loudly. As I was ordering my food I saw the sign that read “live music Tues June 28 630 pm”. I turned around and there he was, an old man with a keyboard and mic. This BK must be some sort of hangout for senior citizens or something, because there were no young people in there (other than the workers that is). I felt like I was in the twilight zone, when did BK become the cool coffee house in SC? One more thing, if you live in SC or got to the University of South Carolina, can you please not call it USC? USC = University of Southern California! Please just stop. I won’t fall for it.

After driving for 12 hours, you can’t blame me for not having any knitting news, but I sorta do. I finally payed for my place in the Teva Durham workshop at Rosie’s (I’m so excited!). Lisa told me what I needed to bring: two skeins of worsted weight yarn, some needles to go with them, one skein of chunky yarn, and 16″ circs to go with it. Now I need to decide what to bring from my stash (stashbusting, you have to love it). Oh crap, I just remembered that I left my yarn for orangina at home! I wanted to start that this week. Well, I brought the shrug to finally finish it, the mesh tank to get started on, and some yarn to retry the back of the bias tank so I’ll be busy enough.

For your viewing pleasure, proof that I am in a hotel:


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  • Tara June 29, 2005 at 8:03 am

    It is my humble opinion that all DOT workers are LAZY. There’s no need for all the cones and closed lanes at all! argh, I feel your pain.Have fun on your trip!