oh yeah…

this is what it’s like to be home. No real time to myself, feelings of guilt if I’m out for too long, and messing up on my knitting when possible. Welcome to Miami!

ok It isn’t that bad, but still, it’s completely different then just hanging at my own place as in the BF doesn’t care if I’m totally ignoring him with my knitting and whatnot. It’s definately different here than when I used to be a full time resident of chez parents. Here are a few things I noticed:

The rents have totally taken over both mine and my brother’s rooms. I’m a guest in my own place.
No one cooks anymore. There’s food in the kitchen, but I’ve yet to see anyone cook it or eat it.
They seem to be a little more annoying than one I used to live here. Just a smidge I swear.
The Mother is not that impressed with my knitting (“have you ever made anything big?” yes I tell you!) but yet constantly asks me to knit her stuff (then it turns out to be crochet).
I’m constantly asked why I don’t crochet, “it’s better than knitting” she says. Gasp!
The Mother’s bird hates me. It does, really.
The Father sorta stays out of everything, he kinda just lives here.

A few things I have noticed about myself:

I hate birds.
I hate heat and humidity.
I’m extremely forgetful: I forgot my flat iron!
I hate humidity!
I can make gourmet meals at home, but not here! I can’t even make oatmeal for crying out loud!
I like to be alone.
I like to knit in groups.
Sometimes I’m a bad friend.

Let me expand on those last few here. I kinda new I was coming home for a while, I just wasn’t exact on the date. I could have stopped by my friend’s house on the way down, but I didn’t even tell her. I haven’t even told the few friends that are still around that I’m in town. I can easily call them and say “hey, I’m here!” but I just don’t. Yet somehow I’m willing, or is it rather, to hang out with people I don’t know to drink coffee and knit. I was invited to a SnB last night in South Beach. I definately would have gone if I would have had the energy. Instead, I’m going to my old lys to see what’s going on there tomorrow, meeting with someone from the SoBe group tomorrow night, and probably going to a new (to me) yarn store for some more group knitting. I tell you, I’m going crazy. Not Tom Cruise crazy, but still there has to be something wrong with me that makes me not want to call anyone I know so that I can see them. I think it’s because in the back of my mind I know that I won’t get any knitting done if I hang with them. Yep, I’m a bad friend with problems. (I’ll probably just call them in five minutes)

ok that was a long rant. Knitting news, umm let’s see. I finished knitting the shrug, not I have to graft the two pieces together.

The Mother wants me to knit this hat for her. She’s been asking for it for over a year, though she’ll tell you it’s been just a few months. I finally found a pic of it last night. I swear the pic I have is better than this, but I’m trying out the blogger picture thing. (I think I’ll stick with flickr) Looks easy enough, but does anyone have any suggestions? I think what’s confusing me is that little flap under the hat. Is it pinned on?

This is a hat I want to knit up for myself. I need to find a better pic of it. You would think the Chanel site would be some help, but nope. In case you want to know, yep that’s Ashley Olsen in this month’s Bazaar.

oh and one last thing, I want one of these! I saw them over at uglyagnes and they are available here. Now I have to decide if I want it as a brooch or as a hair pin. Unfortunately, this pink and brown one is sold out. There’s a cool yellow and gray one still available, so that may be the one I get.

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  • Atouria July 2, 2005 at 7:48 am

    omg, i LOVE that flower pin! So cute!I like ashley olsen’s ‘do rag’ ‘kerchief’ whatever. That’s actually a really cool pic of her. Is it an open knit like the one cameron diaz is wearing, or is it a stockinette fabric with a tighter gauge?

  • yahaira July 2, 2005 at 9:38 am

    The Ashley one is a tighter gauge. At first I thought it was a cable, but when I looked closer it’s some type of round thing…not bobbles though. Just little circles designed with knit and purls.Ill post a better pic soon.