little women sick

This post may make no sense today because I’m not in my usual state of mind. Somehow, for some reason, my body decided to get a cold in the summer. Now who the hell gets a cold or the flu in the summer?! I can’t stand having a constant runny nose, you know the kind that has a will of it’s own. Yep that’s me. Genious me thought, “hey why don’t I take an allegra for my congestion? it’s just sitting there…take it damnit!” Considering I don’t have allergies, I have no clue what this pill is doing. So all day I was doing my best in filling in the part of Beth from “little women”. It was like the eighteen hundred’s in here; me in bed not able to breathe, looking longingly out the window, and attempting to knit while wondering “why me?!”. It was quiet the throw back. It took me forever to knit, since I had to constantly blow my nose and wash my hands. Please don’t attempt to pick up stitches when you can’t keep looking down, for fear that your snot will end up everywhere. Promise?

Pattern: One Skein Wonder
Yarn: Sugar n cream in red and Tahki Cotton Classic in Black
Needles: US 5 and 8 Addi Turbos
Date Started: 6.05.05
Date Finished: 6.07.05
Can you tell I’m obsessed with this pattern? If Stefanie had been the designer for Rowan’s R2, Rowan would have had a gold mine.

This one should be called the “emily the strange shrug”. If I only had an emily pin! I thought I was over my Emily obsession, but I guess it’s still there somewhere, though I won’t but any more of the stuff. It came out cute, even in the cheapest yarn in the world. It was so funny to feel the difference between the two cottons. The red stuff is so cheamically feeling. Makes me wonder how they treat or if it’s cotton at all.

The pattern went smoothly yet again. I would have been done a day earlier if it wasn’t for the water works. I used the sugar stuff as a single strand, but the Tahki is single in the sleeves but double in the ribbing. I didn’t feel like I was getting gauge when I switched to the black hence the doubling. I did find a mistake, other than that yarn I didn’t weave in for some reason. In my Beth state, I forgot to bind off the ribbing using the 8’s! yeah so ummm it’s a little tight.

Will I keep it? I don’t know since I can’t really wear it comfortably. I might knit it again, later!, with Blue Sky cotton that I’ve been dreaming about. I felt it at loop and it was so incredibly soft. If anyone is an Emily fan and wants a shrug let me know in the comments, I can pass this one of to you. (ps this is the size 17)

I’m hoping the bf makes dinner when he gets home. I should clean or do something around this house, it’s getting bad. I did con my mailman to send out something to my secret pal for me. I didn’t want to drive to the post office, so I gave him the package and money and was like “please sir, help me contact the outside world, hurry!” Tomorrow he should be coming back with change. I’m sure she doesn’t read this blog so I’m not worried about her finding out. Today I sent her some patterns and a postcard and yesterday my order from loop was shipped off to her. I hope she isn’t freaked out since it has the bf’s name instead of mine. If anything it should throw her off right? Well, I’m off to my polio ward. I may pick up the bias tank and finish that biatch once and for all (which reminds me I have to figure out the seaming) or I may start another project. hmmm

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