Insanely Jealous

I’ve been loving looking through everybody’s blogs and seeing the hauls they scored at the Renegade Craft Fair. I should have given someone money so they could have picked up something for me. Oh well, there will be other fairs and other things to buy.

What did I do instead? I did shopping of a different sort. A couple of us went to South Street to shop and eat and I found some great deals. I’m happy to say the sandals have been replaced with fabulous shoes (did I just say fabulous?! wth). I went to the back of Benjamin Lovell, the craziest sale section of any shoes store I’ve been to, and searched and dug through piles of shoes. I usually hate being in a messy store, but there weren’t any exciting shoes in the regular section. I’m glad I plowed through. First up some pink shoes!

Sorry the color is a little off, but it’s really cloudy today and I think I forgot to change my camera setting back. But anyway, these are super comfortable Nike’s, which is a big departure for me (I’m usually a puma girl for hanging out shoes). I liked these so much that I went back and looked for some more:

a different version in teal. I’m happy, the bf is happy, everyone is happy!

We finally went to the new adiddas store, which was surreal. It was all white, with the shoes on white tables or hanging from white boards, and a constant video of people dancing in the back. The employees were ultra hip, it almost seemed like they moved them here straight from Harajuka. I didn’t buy anything because adiddas just don’t fit me right and the shoe I wanted my friend to get wasn’t available in his size. It was so freaking hot that we eventually decided to come back home. Our schedule was so off that we didn’t have dinner till 11! So after dinner and two glasses of wine I passed out around 1230am.

Sunday was fun. I met my new friend Lauren (hey Lauren!) at Sophie’s to look around for inspiration and then knit somewhere. She scored a ton of sale yarn, but I was good and only got myself a pattern book that I’ve been lusting forever:

everything was 15% off so you can’t blame me here for finally getting this. We also got to place our names in a raffle at the antique row food festival. I, of course, put two of my tickets in the Sophie basket and then one in a big booze basket. Who knows if anyone is going to win, but wish us luck!

Again, it was super hot! So we seeked some shelter over at the Mean Bean, where we knitted for hours and felt like we were on Cheers or some other show. There were just so many characters that walked in and sucked us into their lives for a few minutes. I’m finally half way through the second sleeve of the neverending bias shrug. So who knows, maybe I’ll have a FO by tonight or at least by tomorrow. I know you are all holding your breath! Don’t pretend like you aren’t. Oh, Craig, if you are reading this…Ed says hi! We saw him at the Mean Bean, so weird how eventually you can be connected to so many people.

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  • the knitrider June 27, 2005 at 2:30 pm

    those shoes rock!

  • illanna June 27, 2005 at 8:05 pm

    Is it the Lauren that we met at the Harlot signing? Remember when we saw that girl wearing something like the scarf on the cover of that mag at Cosi? Aww sweet memories. Come to Arizona soon! Actually, come in March when it’s 70 degrees instead of 1700 degrees.

  • Craig June 29, 2005 at 6:54 am

    It is weird how connected we all are. Especially in Philly, where it’s only two degrees of separation.