finally have time…

I love weekends, when I can sit around in my pjs, read blogs, knit, and eat. This week I had a weird work schedule and I decided that I need a new job asap. I would love it if it had anything to do with crafting; imagine me working at a yarn store! A dream job would be to be the person that designs the colors for yarn (like Poppy King who makes the colors for prescriptives every year, ps she’s been my idol for years!) or maybe working at a knitting magazine (maybe making my own?!). Who knows, but I definately need something new in my life.

This week I should be able to get more knitting done than I was able to do this week (one day is nothing!). And this weekend I finally get to hangout with someone that appreciates knitting, I cant wait. Tonight I may get to meet the yarn harlot for drinks in center city, then tomorrow I get to meet Illanna. I’m going to take her on a knitting tour of sorts before and after we get to see the yarn harlot at her book reading. If we have time, and if I figure out what bus or train to take, I may drag her to the Art Star Craft Bazaar. Next Saturday is KIP Day, so I think Illanna and I are going to find a place to knit in NYC. This one is quickly becoming a flickr event as well.

I love it when there’s so much going on. Oh I almost forgot about the Renegade Craft Fair up in Brooklyn, Ill have to find my way up there somehow. I believe that is on June 25 + 26.

I hope I get to meet more of my fellow crafting bloggers soon, especially you yarnaholics! Maybe we can celebrate cutting down our stash by going to stitches east in September.

I’ll post pics of everything as it comes up.

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  • illanna June 4, 2005 at 7:16 pm

    Ooooh that art star bazaar sounds funky! I never knew that Philadelphia had such an awesome craft scene! Drinks with Harlot sounds like a good time. I’m going to the Renegade Craft Fair on the Saturday morning. I’m bad with dates (as you can tell already) but it’s the first day. We can go together if you’d like! Brooklyn is just a stone’s throw away from Chinatown if you take the Chinese TV-mobile (Chinatown Bus). We’ll plan that later though 😉

  • yahaira June 4, 2005 at 8:23 pm

    it’s going to be fun…I hope you dont mind walking around too much. Later tonight Ill be making up a little list of stores to take you to. hopefully I wont zigzag too much.