Driving lost

Almost five summers ago, the bf and I were driving to Disney to meet his parents for dinner. Actually Downtown Disney. We were living at the time in Melbourne, Fl for the summer, so I wasn’t too sure how to get there. I, the genious, went on the Disney site and then plugged in the address on yahoo maps. So happy we were driving we directions in hand and my feign recollection on how to get there. Eventually though that started to wane as things stopped looking familiar. Continue on we did because how could yahoo be wrong! Eventually, when we were in the middle of some random Orlando town, I told the bf that we were lost and totally in the wrong place. But he really believed in the directions, ignoring the whole time that we were in some sort of ghetto! Well we followed the directions to the end, when we finally ended up in a cul de sac with a tiny house. The address was 1000 buena vista! Later we asked for directions and made it to dinner and hour or two late.

Why am I rambling on? Cause I’m scared this is happening again, but with my knitting. More precisely knitting the knit.1 bias tank. I have all the straps and waistabands done as well as the front. All I have to do is knit the back and seam the whole thing up. But you know when you have that sinking feeling? I just don’t want to end up at the little house again. I have this fear that nothing is going to be the right size or be seamed up correctly (since knit.1 fails to tell you how to seam it). The front piece looks so wonky, that I can’t imagine how it’s going to match up with it’s eventual mate or how it’s going to lay right. So what do I do instead? I knit something else up of course!

I wanted something quick and easy, so I present to you the iPod Armband!

ipod armband

Pattern: knit.1 spring/summer issue pattern #18
Yarn: Lion Brand Glitterspun in Silver
Needles: US 7
Date Started: 6.04.2005
Date Finished: 6.04.2005

I had the dreaded Lion Brand yarn one day before heading up to work, thinking I would have time to knit at my lunchtime (I never do for one reason or another). So I thought, hey it would be cool to make an armband for my iPod. It’s a pretty boring pattern since it’s basically a stockinette scarf for your arm. Apparently though, knit.1 must think that everyone has tiny arms since the finished size is 8″. umm yeah I needed to add a couple of inches there! I made the pocket a little longer than the pattern states since I was too scared to trust a little piece of yarn to hold my iPod. It’s basically done, except for velcro that I have to stitch on (again they dont tell me how). But Im not in love with it, so I don’t even know if I will finish it. It’s kinda like when you eat bread or candy when you are hungry, but you still need more after that. I need to finish that tank top I know it! Does anyone know if they make velcro tape, where I don’t have to sew it? (I don’t want to hand sew or use a sewing machine) Or better yet, does anyone want an armband and the leftover yarn? I’ll give it to you as a gift!


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