being paranoid

Maybe I am, but just to be safe. I don’t know if I stressed this enough, but the powder dye is not something you want to breathe in. I was fine, no dust was up in the air but years of mixing photochemicals helped this. The amounts I suggested won’t be a huge deal, but safety first! Use common sense, don’t throw this stuff into your bottle or bucket…gently place it. Maybe put a little warm water in your bottle first then the dye to create your paste?

Why am posting this now (eventhough I know I wrote it in the tutorial)? Because someone on craftster decided to point this out and it was their first post! So somehow I moved them to finally post on craftster. Maybe they thought I was an idiot or something, trust me I’m not, or they were just being helpful (that’s more likely). Or maybe I’m just in a crabby mood 🙂 It seems controversy follows me! (more on that later)
oh the weird part is that everyone on HGTV is using dyeing with this stuff today…spooky!

In knitting news, I haven’t actually gotten much knitting this week. I started a little stash busting scarf for when I watch 24 with the bf; I’ll post pics later today. I’m trudging along on the good bias shrug which has been nice to knit. I should be finally getting to the back of the first sleeve later today, phew! I’m also going to try out different needles with the bamboo yarn to see what I like for the mystery stole. I still can’t believe that Illanna talked me into this! I’m hoping to cast on this weekend, but before that I have to practice a provisional cast on. Did I mention that I hate crochet hooks? Just thought I’d remind you all of that.

ok I’ll post again later today with pics or rants 🙂

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  • Atouria June 16, 2005 at 1:03 pm

    Thanks for the extra info. I’ll be sure to pick up a dust mask when I work on the dyeing. I’d love to hear more about how controversy seems to follow you, if you feel like it. It seems to jump on my back sometimes.

  • tara June 16, 2005 at 5:19 pm

    Hi. You’ve been super helpful on Craftster..and now I found you here-fabulous! Great dyeing tute!