A little bit about my onion..

because, apparently, it counts.

Yeah I said I was going to post yesterday, but somehow I didn’t. Well, I know how. The bf is hooked on 24 and has been watching all of season one for the past two weeks. Last night I think he made me watch three or four episodes in a row! I just go along with it, don’t get me wrong I like the show as well it’s just that I don’t like sitting for that many hours straight in a row. Anyway, I got some knitting done while Jack Bauer got captured, escaped, and captured again. I finished the “body” of the tulle bag (is it really a body when its just one long rectangle?). It was dreadfully boring to knit and for some reason took forever. At least I get to the fun part now of lining and decorating. It will have to wait a bit though since I want to finish my shrug. I’m working on the second sleeve now and I’m halfway through the first half (so I guess I could have said I’ m a quarter of the way done). I also picked up my “24” scarf last night so I should be done with that soon. Sorry I’m not posting any pics today, but it would be dreadfully boring. (ie here’s a black square, here’s an unfinished sleeve).

Everyone that’s going to the renegade fair this weekend, have fun for me!!

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  • Keridiana June 27, 2005 at 10:10 am

    Yahaira – thanks for thinking of me! I’m out of town for a few days. Went to a yarn shop on Asheville, NC, and met some NC knitting snobs. If you still have a Flickr account to give away, I would love to have one. I signed up for LiveJournal w/o realizing that they don’t include PICTURES. Eh? Talk about fine print.