knitting, cancer, and home

Third day that I’m home and the day after my dad had surgery. He had a lump somewhere in his upper jaw that turned out to be cancer. The doctors said that they got it all so he won’t need to go through chemo or radiation again (he had cancer ten years ago). So at least that is some good news. He won’t be able to eat any solid foods though for two months because his bones are weak, hopefully he won’t get bored with all the soup, mashed potatoes, and jellos I’m making him.

To keep myself busy when he was at the hospital and when I’m not taking care of either parent I knitted up an angora drop stitch scarf. I think I’m done with it (it was pretty quick but I’ll have to see again tomorrow if I like the length. I still have more skeins left since this scarf only took a little bit above two. Would angora work for knitty’s Branching Out scarf?

I’m also thinking of knitting something for cancer (or Parkinson’s) and I know that pink is for breast cancer, but what is the color for other cancers? Is there such a thing? Would anyone be interested in doing this with me?

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  • Atouria May 20, 2005 at 11:31 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. Yet, I’m so glad that the doctors were able to remove all of the cancer. I really have no ideas about all the cancer colors and such. I hope your dad has a quick and happy recovery!