knitting and reading

I asked to join the knit one read too blog, so hopefully I’ll hear soon from them. The next book they will be discussing is the Time Traveler’s Wife, which I first read when it came out. I’ll have to find my copy and reread it so I can join in. In the meantime, I got myself a guilty read…Pamela Anderson’s Star: a novel. Yep, I admitted it, whatever! It’s not like its a Paris Hilton “book” or something…

anywho, I finished the first panel on the Harry Potter bag. I really don’t like that Lamb’s Pride yarn: it’s itchy, rough, and not spun right. For some reason, my skein keeps going from normal to thin and then thick. It’s really messing up my gauge, but I’m dealing with it. Is this normal for this yarn, or is my skein messed up? I was thinking of trying Cotton Fleece, but now I’m not so sure. Has anyone had any experiences they can share with either yarn?

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