Finished Bag

knitted tote hanging

Yarn: GGH Aspen (about 5 skeins) in Camel
Needles: US 10.5
Pattern: Rebecca 28 #10
Date Started: 5.9.2005
Date Finished: 5.11.2005

This was fun and easy to knit, I just wish the color was a little more exciting. But it’s the yarn that the pattern called for and I happen to have a ton of it from the sweater gone wrong. I get a cute bag and I get to bust my stash; it’s a win-win situation. The bag is knit in three parts: two side panels and one strap/gusset. So after quickly knitting the one panel, I started on the strap to guarantee I wouldn’t get bored. That went quickly enough, but then I had to knit on the go so I started and finished the second panel yesterday (go me!). The rest of the strap and the seaming was done today.

The pattern changes up enough that makes it exciting without being overbearing. You get to rib, cable, and lace. I’ve never cabled before this, so it turned out to be a nice way to learn. It came out pretty good if I say so myself. What I’m left to wonder is if I should have blocked it before seaming or not. Well I didn’t so oh well! oops! Now I need to figure out a way to make it less floppy. Felting is not really an option since the yarn is only 50% wool, but what about lining it. I’ll have to think about it. But for now I’m happy with having a cute fall/winter bag.

I didn’t really have any problems with the pattern or knitting except that sometimes I would split the yarn or that with the left slanting decrease my stitch would look too fat. I tried another way to decrease, but it still looked the same way. It might have been the yarn so I would just pull the stitch from the back to make it a little tighter.

Here’s another view:

same bag

and a close up:

close up


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